BACKSTAGE at the Cazwell/*Peaches* video shoot!! <3

Had to wake up EARLY for this one…I think 5am CRAZY cray cray early!!!  lol

…but it was worth it!  The shoot was for the newest song by Cazwell featuring the fiercest cunt in the game, Peaches!!!

Enjoy the backstage fun-ness’s!!!

below: me (in the white with pink jumpsuit), Cazwell, and Dan at the studio in Brooklyn <3


So my talented AMAZING friends were part of this craziness too!  Dan was doing the makeup and Jamin was doing Peaches hair!

…our EARLY am started off with Jamin shaving Peaches mohawk…AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!

…an INSANE amount of clothes!!!!!!!  …and Peaches rocking out in a pair my girlie Kerin Rose’s sunglasses

…we all basically bullshitted and gossiped…aka FUN!

…New York Couture COLORS and SEQUINS…and boots, heels, and DRAMA fierce shoes!

…wanna see the set?  if no, then TOO BAD!!  lol.   …there was 3 different setups…biggest is this HUGE white wall

…and funky-and-a-half-shell stylist for the video, Ms. Fitz!!!

EVERYONE was hanging out!!  Roberto came to take backstage pics…which he hasn’t given me yet!  Him and Dan are SUCKING the BIG one right now…they have basically all the pics from backstage…so when they stop sucking and send me them i’ll post more.

…Cazwell got almost naked…SEXY!

Best faggot friend forever!!!!

Dan looks so serious…i’m sure he’s talking about like Pizza…lololol



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