Pirates, creepy Old Man Mustaches and…The tale of the Vaginasaurus

Today my puppies had to get their shots.  Poor puppies!!  But rabies sucks….so it had to be done…lolol

Yesterday was a fun day!!  I haven’t done a NY shoot in over a month!  <—-that’s craziness!!  So it was GREAT to be back….and to be playing dress up with my team again!!!  Plus I’ve been SUPER creatively inspired lately….which is odd.  Normally in the winter I like to bum around b/c I HATE the cold….but i’ve had all sorts of amazing and creative ideas that HAVE to come to life!!!!!  So…after my meeting on Friday (which I may be able to tell you something later next week about that)…I got back to my studio and sewed allllll night!  Made some super cute things!  For whatever reason…the theme of the outfits I started to make was “pirates”….

…these are the backstage photos from yesterdays PIRATE ARgghhhh Shoot : )

MORE in this post : )

The only thing I don’t like about shoots…..is….waiting.  I’m easily bored….so it becomes a challenge.   Below Kristin works her magic makeup skills!  Holler!

…in my boredom….I take this photos of my NEW PHONE CASE….how cool am I!!!!   lolol

I don’t think there’s enough crap on my phone….right….

This was one of the outfits I made the night before.  I say it’s “Pirate-y”….but Kristin and Steve were making fun of me and saying no….lol…screw them….my pirates are happy pirates…lol.  Or maybe more “sailor” inspired….whatever….it’s my frickin shoot right!!

The model was the CUTEST ever!!!  She is from Poland…so I had lots of fun trying my madddd Polish speaking skills out on her.  I either know stupid words or bad stuff….so it was funny.  She even sang me a funny childrens song in Polish about a Kitty.  Meow Meow Meow!

…ps….NEW Mustache Necklaces coming out…below is one….I did some funny “old man” inspired Mustaches….so this is the Gray/Silver…if you LOVE this….wait til you see the other funny one!!!  (these come out the same time the edited photos from this shoot goes live online…so keep a look out)

EXCITING NEWS!!!  Kristin, my official hair stylist for everything in life, made these SUPER cute braided hair headbands (shown below)….and they’re going to be featured on The Today Show Tuesday January 12th….so if you’re up early make sure to check it out!!!  These will also be for sale on her Etsy page HERE (i’m getting one of each size!!!)

Last look for this shoot was “RIP Michael Jackson”  (sad face).  I keep getting emails about the shirt I wore when I met Courtney Love (who is AMAZING!!)…asking where they can get one…so I made some more…2 other colors are on our Etsy shop page now HERE …this color will be available exclusively on the New York Couture website within the next 2 weeks : )

As I was trying to take photos of the last look….Steve thought he’d be funny and jump in front….bad idea Steve.

….now I have the purrfect opportunity for a funny Steve photo!!!

I took the above photo and made>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Steveasaurus Rex LOVE….they loves eachothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally I was going to do a Vaginasaurus….b/c when we got to the studio Steve had a Vaginatarian hat <—-which we made fun of the wholeeeee time…hence the made up Vaginasaurus

Can’t wait to see how the final pics from this shoot come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God she’s cute!!!!!!!!

Weekends are suppose to be relaxing right??  Too much to do all the time!!  Tomorrow is a major fabric shopping day!!  Hopefully I will find everything I need.  Then the rest of the week is making the samples that HAVE to get done asap….meetings….and more!!  So much to do and so little time!!!!!  Off to work!!!!

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