ALL the BACKSTAGE pics from the NEON LIGHT SHOOT!!!!

Are you READY to see this INSANELY GORGEOUS shoot!!!!??@

ALL the BACKSTAGE pics from the NEON LIGHTS SHOOT!!!! <3 <3 <3

Photography: Demetri Parides
Modeling: Joselyn Ramos
Makeup Artist: Julissa for Glamour Addict
Hair Stylist: Carollee for Glamour Addict
Wardrobe: New York Couture

We started our FUN at GLAMOUR ADDICT Salon in Wantagh, NY  If you want to look amazinggg GO THERE!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Book YOUR appointment with Carollee and Julissa!! They are MY FAVESSS<3

pink, purple, and pastel imagehair dryer, minimalist, and photography image


gif imageanime, gif, and kawaii image

First look was down the street from the salon

Wanted to get all the CANDY in the shoot <3  Carollee hands on with Joselyn’s GORGEOUS hair!  <3  I felt like the shoot was missing something so made the sequin little jacket the night before…LOVEEE how it came out!!!!  AND it has a furry inside!!@ <3

lips, pink, and glitter imagebaby lips, lips, and pink image

macaroons, food, and yummy imagewallpaper, candy, and background image

 HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS!!  Demetri’s pics from this shoot WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!  Can’t wait to share those with you!!!!  But for now enjoy all the backstage fun-ness!!!

And all NEW Dresses COMING soon…like THIS supperrr sweet SHEER number!!!  <3

adobe, aisle, and Texas imagecandy bar, nerds, and crunch image
candy, chocolate, and sweet imagecandy and food image
flowers, light, and place imageglow, neon, and liquor image

Pastel GODDESS!!!


HOW CUTE is she in this look!!@!

HAHAHA catching Julissa in HER ELEMENT!!!  Phone out catching everything!!!@

Miami, tequila, and bodega image


pizza, art, and bath imageart, cartoon, and girls image

Got the COOOOOLLESTTT pics with these neon lights!!!! 

alien, pink, and purple imagecandy, cartoon, and hearts image

So sweet of you <3

aesthetic, pink, and neon image


90s, anime, and blue imagenails, pink, and orange image
sky, city, and clouds imagenature, forest, and hipster image

The guy at the store next door was TOOOOOO funny!!!  He was LOVINGG what we were doing!!!

Glamming it up with ruffles and capes <3

Get this ONE OF A KIND Capelet NOW!!!!!  Before the photoshoot is even out!!!  Because we’ve gone CRAZYYY it’s up for sale as part of the HUGE Anniversary SALE…so make sure to SNAG IT RIGHT AWAY!!!!

…get it HERE
rainbow and madrid imageflowers, pink, and water image

I LOVEEE dressing up!!!  SUCH a perfect accessory!!!  BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE Pearl Necklace from the 1940’s!!   JUST $5


THIS LOOK THOUGH at Coachella or Lollapalooza!!@!@!  You can’t see in the pictures but the tights have FUN bows and appliques sewn onto them!!!  And the bag is a RARE Betsey Johnson *Ssample*  LOVEE!!!!

Getting glammed up for the next look!

quotes, cheerios, and fruit loop imageeggs image

HOLY CRAP THESE ARE SOOOO GOOD!!!!  Literally shot at my local supermarket lol…I’m funny!!

Image by nina suggrainbow, lucky charms, and food image
cereal, photo, and supermarket imagephotography, cereal, and food image

DEAD from this one!!!!

aesthetic, alternative, and indie imagefunny image

These SUPPERR FUN Maxi Dresses coming soon!!!  Ahhhh can’t wait!!!!!

1950s, black and white, and little girl imageblack and white, car, and supermarket image
aesthetic, black and white, and grunge imagetaboo, neon, and light image



yellow, heart, and aesthetic imageyellow, light, and neon image
cartoons, gif, and gifs imageneon, light, and grunge image

I can’t even show you these b/c they’re THATTTTT GOOD!!!

girl imagedonuts, light, and neon image


This INCREDIBLE SHEER Dress coming soon!!!…

exit, grunge, and pink imagepink, rainbow, and hand image
my little pony, pony, and seahorse imageart, space, and girl image

Last location was sooo fun!!!!  Bodega fierceness!!!@

pineapple, fruit, and summer imagefruit, food, and healthy image

I LOVEEE adding FUN pins to everything!!!!  ADROABLEEEE Vintage Pin!!!!   Add to a jacket, bag, vest!!!

JUST $5 for the HUGE SALE


She’s sitting pretty!!!  Catching Demetri doing his magic!!!!

raspberry, fruit, and food imagewatermelon, food, and fruit image
kiwi, fruit, and food imagestrawberry, ice, and fruit image

Made this FUNNN Dress from a VINTAGE Velvet dress and COMPLETELY took it apart and made this dress, added the tulle, and lace!!!  Came out supperrr cute!!!

 OMG these are AMAZINGG!!!  PERFECTT for New Years Eve party!!!  SILVER Dangle Earrings <3 VINTAGE

OVER 90% OFF ….JUST $5 ….HERE for the HUGE Anniversary SALE!!!!!

CAN’T WAIT for someone to wear this badboy!!! Get THIS Dress NOW as part of the HUGE Anniversary SALE!  Superrrr FUN secret back!!!!

OVER 75% OFF!!!!!  ONLY during the HUGE SALE!!!  Get it NOW!!!


HOW HOT!!! @@


neon, light, and purple imagepink, clouds, and neon image

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