HUGE Anniversary SALE Starts in 5 DAYS!!!!!!@@@@

The HUGE Anniversary SALE Starts in 5 DAYS!!!!!!@@@@


The sale will start Wednesday November 8th to start our 13 Year Anniversary Birthday.  WE WILL BE A TEENAGER!!!!! <3

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale

STARTS   11.8.2017

You DO NOT want to miss this SALE!!!  BIGGEST BESTEST YET!!!  We will be bringing back our BIGGEST favorites of all time including some sample Lace Shorts, Hooded Kitty Dress Sample (instead of the suppperr cute SOLD OUT Kitty Jumper), Capelets, and sooo much MORE!!!!!  So as you countdown the LESS THAN ONE WEEK until the sale starts here is a teaser of cuteness to come!!!…EVERYTHINGGGG in this sale will be up to 95% off so TONSSS of items at JUST $5!!!!  But grab them when you can!!!  SOOOOOO many styles SOLD OUT last sale!!!

MORE FUN coming…!!!  THIS LINK goes LIVE Wednesday November 8th!!!!!  YAYYYY sooooo excited!!!

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