ANTM featured in COLORFUL *NEW* Turquoise Graffiti Shoot

Ahhh sooo excited to finally get to share this shoot with you!!!

Turquoise Graffiti Photoshoot


Photography: Deveren Fogle
Modeling: Giselle Samson
Makeup Artist: Whitley Gillespie
Wardrobe: New York Couture

ALL the photos from this SUPER FUN shoot HERE

art, colourful, and graffiti imagegraffiti, street art, and turquoise image

Her superrr hot legs!!!

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WHAT AN AWESOME-NESS Experience to get to work with this BEAUTY!!!!  ICON!!!!  You may recognize her from CYCLE 1 of America’s Next Top Model (shown below on the far right)!!!!!

She is ICONIC!!!!!!

ANTM Cycle 1 Group Shot(on far right)

Image result for antm cycle 1

Just some of her FAMOUS shots from that season!!!


giselle_week5Picture 3
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She looks sooo frickin’ INCREDIBLE in all of these!!!!  And now you can get her look!!!!  *One of a Kind* Hooded FRINGE Jumper

Get this ONE OF A KIND *SAMPLE* NOW for OVER HALF OFF!!!!!!  PERFECT for EDC, Burning Man, Coachella and ALL the other FUN festivals coming for festival season <3


Sooo much fun!!!


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ONLY Jumper like this!!!!

Get it  HERE

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hearts, blue, and lights imagebubbles, glitter, and sparkle image

She can tell you a secret <3


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LOVEEEEE this look!!!!  Deveren outdid himself here!!!!  Reminds me of my old abandoned warehouse rave days

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 lol  LET’S GO DANCE!!!

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ocean, you, and quotes imageart, smash, and gif image

SOOOOO MUCH MORE fun coming!!!!!  Make sure to check out the HUGE Anniversary SALE going on NOW


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