The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale dates are HERE… SALE STARTS in ONE MONTH!!! Nov. 8th !!!!!

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale dates are HERE…  SALE STARTS Nov. 8th !!!!!


Wednesday November 8th 2017 until  January 3rd 2018

******** We TURN INTO A TEENAGER!!!!  SWEET 13 !!!!!  ********


you have been warned!!! SALE STARTS in ONE MONTH!!!

heaven, light, and neon imageheaven, light, and neon image
nails, pastel, and nail polish imagenails, pastel, and nail polish image
holographic, art, and colorful imageholographic, art, and colorful image

HOW ADORABLE is this BACKSTAGE pic from our Once Upon a Time Shoot <3 !!@?  THIS dress and MOREEE coming to the HUGEEE SALE!!!


11.8.17   to   1.3.2018


background, colors, and colours imagebackground, colors, and colours image
background, tumblr, and gif imagebackground, tumblr, and gif image

CELEBRATE 13 years of New York Couture!!!! COMPLETE CRAZINESS with our BIGGEST SALE EVERRRR!!!  LITERALLY getting rid of EVERYTHING to make room for MORE awesomeness!!!!! The New York Couture HUGE 13 Year Anniversary Sale is in just ONE MONTH!!!  YAY!!!!!  Sooooo much CANNOT wait to share with you!!!!!  <3

HUGE Sale starts in ONE MONTH!!! Wednesday November 8th

…start getting ready!!!


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