Once Upon a Time Photoshoot <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A few weeks ago I did the MOST MAGICAL Photoshoot with the MOST MAGICAL MERMAID!!!@@!

These photos are soooooo DREAMY!!!  WHOLE SET from the Once Upon a Time Photoshoot

Photography: Cassie Brock
Modeling: Melissa Smith
Wardrobe: New York Couture

Check out ALL the GORGEOUS photos from this shoot HERE

And….HUGE SALE going on NOW!!!!!  LOTSSS of GORGEOUS-NESS!!!  Items are already selling out!!!!  You HAVE TO see for yourself!!!  This is the CANNOT MISS SALE of a LIFETIME!!!   There’s even CUTENESS from THIS shoot *JUST LISTED* NOW as part of the HUGE SALE  HERE

concept art, scenery, and shipwreck imageadventure, swim, and tan image
dog and beach imagealison, initials, and a image

She is my Little Mermaid

are you just DYINGGG over HOW GORGEOUS Melissa is in ALL OF THESE!@?  I’m DYINGG!!@@@@ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.  Sge was coming out to pick up outfits for a shoot we had that week…and when she got to me all done up I said “LET’S SHOOT” (because i’m a photographer now lol…Cassie LaChapelle lol)…and we did the QUICKESTTT shoot possibly EVER!!!  But look how AMAZINGGG they came out!!@@!

A is for Ariel <3

These glasses shown in this shoot coming to the HUGE SALE soon <3

makeup, pink, and face imageblue and makeup image
pastel, shell, and blue imagebackground, pastel, and wallpaper image

In the Ocean

SOOOOO DREAMY!!!  She is sooooo cute!!!!!

water, grunge, and blue imagewater, hair, and mermaid image
gif, soft grunge, and goth imagemermaid, sea, and grunge image

SWIM AWAY with this One of a Kind *CUSTOM MADE* PIXIE Polka Dot PARTY Dress

Get this dress now HERE

grunge, pale, and pastel imagepastel and pink image

Mermaids are made of sea pearls and metallic shells <3

gif, girl, and mermaid imagewallpaper, shell, and background image

LIKE A LIVING BARBIE DOLL!!! <3   Get THIS dress from THIS shoot at during the HUGE Anniversary SALE now!!!


flowers, sunflower, and summer imageflowers, wallpaper, and blue image

She was just a daisy in the patch <3

The cuteness is x 10 !!!!@@!@!

pink and flowers imageflowers, heart, and pastel image
flowers, wallpaper, and daisy imageflowers, wallpaper, and background image

Mermaid Kawaii-ness <3


flowers, daisy, and white imageflowers, daisy, and white image
daisy, quote, and love imageflowers, daisy, and nature image
 fork, little mermaid, and dingle hopper imageariel, disney, and magic image

One of my MOST FAVORITE movies!!!@@@  Everrrr!!!!  This is my FAVORITE!!!

My little Mermaid Melissa in this BRAND NEW Little Mermaid Dress <3

mermaid, dreams, and girl imagedisney, ariel, and Dream image

ONLY dress like this so get it NOW HERE

 ariel, disney, and red imageariel, disney, and princess image
gold, salvador dali, and art imageariel, mermaid, and disney image

She’s sooo SWEET!!!  <3 One of a Kind ARIEL Peter Pan Collar Dress

Get this dress now HERE

 wallpaper, background, and glitter imagewallpaper, colors, and pink image
blue, pastel, and cheetah imageandroid, perfection, and tumblr image

…I want to be where the people are


mermaid, fish, and ocean imagegif, ocean, and sea image
water, gif, and ocean imagemermaid, sea, and black and white image
mermaid, pastel goth, and not ur babe imagemermaid image


Limited Edition Pink w/ GOLD Metallic SNAKE Dress

Get this dress now HERE

animal, background, and drawing imagepink, snake, and blue image
snake, flowers, and white imagebackground, pink, and snake image

ALL of these SOLD OUT during our last HUGE SALE…so MAKE SURE to grab one in this color NOW!!!!  Before it’s all GONE!!!!

JUST $15!!!! That’s OVER 85% off!!!

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snake, pink, and animal imagesnake, green, and blue image
animation, fangs, and lol imageamazing, black, and cake image
octopus, sea, and purple imageboat, magic, and night image

Have sooooo much FUN shopping the HUGE Anniversary SALE!!!!!


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