This shoot is sooooo INSANELYYYY GORGEOUS!!!  BEYOND excited to share with all of you!!!

Literally takes me on a trip down the rabbit hole <3

…down down down I go <3

alice, through the looking glass, and alice in wonderland imagealice in wonderland, lost, and wonderland image



Photography: TOUCHEKVLT
Modeling: Tillywinkle Dinmore
Wardrobe: New York Couture

View ALL the photos from this BEAUTIFUL shoot HERE

This Photographer is SOOOOOOO INCREDIBLE!!!!  He uses NO PHOTOSHOP!!!!  These are COMPLETELY UNEDITED photos!!@@!!@@!@!  He BLOWSSS my MIND!!!!@@!!@  SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!  Check all of them out!  <3 … they’re MAGICAL <3

tea, alice in wonderland, and black and white imagealice in wonderland, alice, and disney image
book, cute, and alice in wonderland imageflowers, door, and blue image
sky, desert, and nature image
wonderland, grunge, and black and white imagepurple, wonderland, and alice image


Are you wanting to go down the rabbit hole yet!!@?


travel, road, and desert imageadventure, pastel, and place image

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egg, art, and sun imagerainbow, cactus, and desert image

Slllllllllllllllllitherrrrringgg <3 *Limited Edition* Emerald SNAKE Eyes Bracelet

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alice in wonderland and Cheshire cat image
crazy, reality, and smile imageadventure, hike, and moss image

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PERFECT for Halloween or just ANY skull lover day!!!  *Limited Edition* SKULLS All Around Ring

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water, alice, and underwater imagealice image

art, coffee, and alice in wonderland imagewindow, vintage, and wind image
book, magic, and harry potter imagealice in wonderland, alice, and mad image
 alice in wonderland, axe, and gif imagealice in wonderland image

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