A COLORFUL FILLED Shoot!!!! Visit Candy Crush Photoshoot <3

FINALLY get to share ALL the photos from Candy Crush Photoshoot.  She is sooooo GORGEOUS!!!  OBSESSED with Gabby’s hair!!!  ENJOY!!  Get EVERYTHING you see in this shoot!!!  and MORE!!!  HERE

Photography: Cassie Brock
Model: Gabrielle Joseph
Wardrobe: New York Couture

Check out ALL the FUN photos from this shoot by going HERE

This shoot was SOOOO much FUN and you can see it in ALL the pictures!!!

As seen in Demur Magazine

GET your copy of this AWESOME Magazine for yourself NOW HERE

Got to use sooooo many FUN accessories for this story!!!  Went with a 80’s meets 70’s theme for all jewels ect!!!  Like this HANDMADE Collar made out of authentic VINTAGE Acid Wash Jeans from the 1980’s!!!! <3  Spruce up any outfit with this sucker!!! <3

*One of a Kind* VINTAGE Dark Acid Wash Denim STUDDED Collar  LOVE IT!!!

…get it HERE


space, stars, and pink imagepurple, food, and cotton candy image

God HOW CUTE does she look in this dress!!!  LOVEEE HER!!!!

Soooo much fun *One of a Kind* NEON JUNGLE Lace Cut-Out T-Shirt Skater Dress

ONLY dress like it!!!  and HERE


pizza, food, and valentine imagepizza, pink, and light image

This look is the HOTTESTTTTTTTT!!!


wallpaper, simpsons, and bart imagesimpsons, donuts, and homer image

I DIDN’T DO IT!!!  *One of a Kind* Vintage Bart Simpson Tie-Back Halter Crop Top 

Get your hands on this ADORABLE top now HERE

wallpaper, bart, and simpsons imagefood, donuts, and sweets image

I mean SERIOUSLY the level of HOT!!!! 


aesthetic, grunge, and white imagegame, heart, and pixel art image

HOLY CR@P this SEQUIN COVERED Skirt!!@!!@@!

Made from ALL VINTAGE Sequin Appliques from the 80’s and 90’s!!@@@  Unicorns, Rainbowsm Peacocks, Jesters!!!  It’s the CUTESTTTT!!!!

and ONE OF A KIND!!!!  Get this Skirt NOW HERE

The LEVEL of AWESOMEEEE jewelry in this shoot is HIGHHH!!!!

Shown above in this look *Limited Edition* BAT Rhinestone Bracelet and *Limited Edition* FLORETTE Hand Covered Bracelet   Get both HERE


nirvana, simpsons, and bart imagehomer, simpsons, and the simpsons image

DYINGGG over her in this!!!!

Skirt HERE  Top HERE

princess, pink, and badass imageaesthetics, grunge, and bad image
sucker, pink, and neon image

This is the MOST ROCK-N-ROLL piece for your wardrobe!!@!@!@  SOOOOO hotttt for Burning Man, Lolla, Bonnaroo, EDC!!!!  EVERYTHING!!!   ROCKER ACDC Onesie Jumpsuit


food, fries, and burger imagelove, pink, and neon image


*One of a Kind* ACDC T-Shirt Onesie Romper

Get this ADORABLE Jumper NOW  HERE

background and cover imageconcert, dreamer, and music image
ACDC, neon, and band image

*VINTAGE* Large Turtle Brooch Pin SHOWN in this shoot!!! (see above <3)


LOTSSS of FUN NEW Jewelry!!!! Including this *Limited Edition* SKULL Filigree Ring

Get this ring and more NOW  HERE

love, red, and quotes imagedead, skull, and sleep image

lips, ice, and mouth imagevampire, bad, and true blood image

 never, surrender, and never surrender imagespace, pink, and stars image

CROPS TOPS are the BESTTTT thing right now!!!!  Can wear alone or over a dress!!!!@  LOVEEE all these CUTESY Crop Tops!!!

Like this *One of a Kind* Vintage TAZMANIAN DEVIL Peter Pan Collar Crop Top in this shoot!



pez, disney, and cartoon imagetiger, cartoon, and red image
disney, disney world, and lol imagedisney, quote, and Dream image

FUNNEST HAT everrr!!

This hat will be a part of the HUGEEE Anniversary SALE so it won’t be on our website until one of the sale days after November 8th (<—when the HUGE Sale starts!!!)!!!!  *Limited Edition* One of a Kind BLUE’S Mickey Studded Punk-Rock Hat

…get it  HERE

mickey, disney, and mickey mouse image

This is the MOSTTTTT ADORABLE Bracelet!!!  *VINTAGE* Disney’s CHARM Bracelet

…get it  HERE

wallpaper, disney, and background imagepastel, pattern, and wallpaper image

ALLL Vintage!!!!  Reworked into this MAGICAL Dress!!!

*One of a Kind* DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE DANCING Peter Pan Collar Dress

Get this dress HERE

disney, mickey, and minnie image


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