Pretty in Purple <3 Cotton Candy Carnival WHOLE SET

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WHOLE SET from Pretty in Purple <3 Cotton Candy Carnival Photoshoot

Photography: Demetri Parides
Modeling: Janna Jesson
Hair Stylist: Carollee Labrise for Glamour Addict Salon
Styling: Cassie Brock
Wardrobe: New York Couture

ALL the photos from this shoot HERE

*One of a Kind* POM POM Pixie Lace PARTY Dress.  This dress is SOOOO sweet and SOOOO fun!!!

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CANNOT get enough of this shoot!!!!  And As seen in The Alchemist Magazine

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*One of a Kind* POM POM Pixie Lace PARTY Dress

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*Limited Edition* RHINESTONES Hand Covered Bracelet

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The top and leotard for this outfit already SOLD but we have the MOST ADORABLE Acid Wash Denim STUDDED Collars AVAILABLR

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<3 in a cotton candy dreamworld <3

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These dresses MAKE ME SMILE!!!! *SIMBA* Peter Pan Collar Dress


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JUST DARLING!!!!  in this *One of a Kind* SWEETHEART Hooded Ruffle Romper

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***IN LOVEEE*** with this wholeee shoot!!!!

Let’s go to the carnival NOW!

Download de fotos do Flickr:wallpaper, pink, and background image






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