WHOLE SET- Carnival Magic Photoshoot as Seen in JellyBaby Magazine <3

These images take me away to a DREAMY place <3

WHOLE SET from the Carnival Magic Photoshoot

Photography: Demetri Parides
Model: Kornelia Ski
Hair Stylist: Carollee Labrise for Glamour Addict Salon
Styling: Cassie Brock
Wardrobe: New York Couture

ALL the photos from this shoot HERE

YAYYY!!!!  FINALLY had time to sit and do this!!!  ONE of my FAVORITE shoots!!!!  EVERYTHING went wrong that day but the pictures were just SO RIGHT!!!!!  It was raining….our makeup artist for pink eye…just non-stop…BUT despite that look what we created!!!@@ <3

AS seen in JellyBaby Magazine

neon, heart, and pink imagerainbow, grunge, and light image

She has NO makeup on!!!!  Are you DYINGGG how GORGEOUS she is!!@!

*One of a Kind* Rainbow Vintage Move-able COW FRINGE Crop Top

This top is SUPERRR cute!!!!  The COWS mouth moves up and down!!@  Sooo cute!!!



SOOOOOO STUNNING!!!!!  My FAVORITE teenage model!!!@@!

*NEWWW***  as seen in this shoot *SEXY* LEG Chain Garter

get yours HERE

Image by ✧ a ✧Image by kawaii kanye west

These are ALMOST SOLD OUT@!!!  So get yours NOW!!!  *Limited Edition* Sheer Vintage CLOCKS Crop Top  HERE

And the CUTESTT Pixie dress!!!  —> One of a Kind *VINTAGE LAYERS* Pixie Party Dress  HERE

ice cream, food, and flowers imagepastel, ice cream, and blue image
quote, beautiful, and blue imagePsycho, pink, and heart image

Dress is made with ALL VINTAGE fabrics and materials!!!  Some SUPPERR OLD from the 1940’s!!!@@@  WOW!!

These NEW Charm Bracelets JUST ADDED to the webstore are a piece of fashion history!!!!  The chances of you EVERRR seeing one like it is like never!!!!  Which makes them SOOO SPECIAL!!@!

VINTAGE Charms Spoon Tea Bracelet


fish and blue image

—-> above <—-

*Limited Edition* Sheer Vintage CLOCKS Crop Top  HERE

—-> and below <—-

heart, fruit, and pink imagesnake, pink, and animal image

Can we talk about how CUTE her hair is!!!!@  Carollee at Glamour Addict Salon is SICKKK with doing hair!!!  She did this super quick and it looks sooooo adorable!!!  If you live on/near Long Island you NEED to book with her!!!

Limited Edition Vintage Print Peter Pan Collar Crop Top & Skirt Set

Get this Limited Edition set NOW HERE

blue, pastel, and pink imagepink, pastel, and skate image

LOVEEE this piece!!!!  It’s a thicker bracelet with each charm having it’s own personality…a key with ruby crystals, or a bell with baby blue…soooo much FUN!!

VINTAGE Gems and Colors Bracelet


colours, girl, and dance image

Queen of Hearts!!!  Earrings to wear and add sooo much to your outfit!!  VINTAGE Sterling Silver HEARTS Dangle Earrings


These cuties are made with all vintage print fabric.  SUPER stretchy and can be worn with or without a petticoat underneath!! (shown without)

Limited Edition Vintage Print Peter Pan Collar Crop Top & Skirt Set


pink, cotton candy, and pastel image

MOST COLORFUL!!!!!  The carnival was closed but they had it all set up…it was PERFECT for us!!!  Our little PLAYGROUND!!!

*Limited Edition* One a Kind Vintage Peter Pan Collar Crop Tops…we have SEVERAL Vintage prints up right now!!!  …skulls, TAZ, ect


pink, pastel, and drink imagecotton candy, pastel, and pink image

Would you wear this outfit out??@

HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE Party Skirt!!!!  Made with HUNDREDDDSSS of yards of tulle and netted tulle!!!!  A BIG POOF of FUN!!@

nails, nail art, and blue imagepink, blue, and braces image

She is sooo GORGEOUS and these photos are just a dreamy picture in carnival magic!!!

*Limited Edition* One a Kind Vintage T-Shirts Peter Pan Collar Crop Top (below)  HERE



Have PROM coming up!?  STAND OUT!!!!  One of a Kind COLORFUL MONSTER PARTY Skirt


adventure, overlay, and world image

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more coming!!!@@@  AND the HUGE Anniversary SALE dates are coming SUPPPERRR SOON!!


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