BTS WILD CHILD Photoshoot <3

One of the FUNNEST shoots I’ve everrr done with some of the MOST AWESOMEEE people!!!!  I MISS them already!!

We did these before the INKED Magazine Tattoo Convention…so I stealth mode climbed allllll the way to the roof (lol) to see if we could get on that bad boy!@  And WE COULD!!!!  So I grabbed all these hooligans and they followed my wild nonsense up to our FUN ADVENTURE!!@!  And now you get to see!!@!

I can’t really show you ALL the looks from this shoots b/c they’re supperr secret for a magazine editorial…but I can’t hold back ALLLL THESE AMAZINGGG backstage shots!!!!  So GET READY!!@!  Sooooo AMAZING!!@!

tattoo, heart, and neon imagelips, shhh, and rihanna image

Ashley did the MOST AMAZINGGG makeup!!!!  I COULD NOTTT WAIT to work with Bernadette!!!  I JUST ADOREE her!!!!

(above) me boobie touching???maybe  lol  I made all the outfits special for this shoot!!  Oh…and I dyed my hair blue…no biggie lol.

Glam team <3

We were funny the ONLYYYY people that early at the tattoo convention so we could get ready!!!

pink, hair, and glitter imagepastel, hair, and grunge image

Literally shhhh quiet stealth mode climbed up the steps to the VERYYY TOP of the building!!  And WOW!!!  The view, the look, was INCREDIBLE!!!

Let’s get our shoot on!!  I LOVE NYC!!! <3

nyc, girl, and city image
city, new york, and nyc imagecity, new york, and building image

Bernadette is the CUTESTTT taking pics of our INCREDIBLEEEE view!!!!

She was soooooo bubbly and soooo much fun!!!  I LOVEEE HER!!!!  SUCHHH an amazingg spirit and person to have around!!

city, new york, and travel imagecity, new york, and nyc image

HOTTESTTTT GIRL EVERRR!!!  I’m obsessed with her!!!!

NEW Bondage Cage SKIRT coming….first peek!!!  <3

building, construction, and crane imageblue, photography, and love image

All the construction made for fun backdrops!!!

CRAZYYY to be up this high!!! DON’T look down!!!  And scary!!!  I’m glad I didn’t have the kids…would be in totallll panic mode with those wild guys!!

city, new york, and sky imagebird, sky, and free image

SOOOOOOO Gorgeous  EVERYYY SINGLEEE SHOT!!!!  Mike took the MOST INSANNNEEE pictures!!!@

I can’t wait to show all of you!!@ Literally DROOOOOLLLING thinking about them!!@

city, bird, and new york imageamerica, nyc, and bird image


I’ve known her foreverrrrr!!!@!  SUCH a creative talent!!!  SOOOOO sweet!!!!  Glad I got to spend a WHOLE DAY with you boob!!!!

pink, stars, and glitter imageglitter, pink, and purple image

Ashley making Bernadette that much hotter…I know…how is that even possible!@!?

…but it is!!  lol

Made these FUN literally sequin glitter FILLED tops!!@  Soooo cute!!@ …coming soon <3  And i’m jealous of Ashley’s pink hair!!!

quote, sequins, and shine imagewallpaper, heart, and hearts image

BADASS’S getting ready on the roof!


DYINGGGG over this shot!!!!!  DREAMYYYY!!!@

Everything about this day was ART!!@

August, birthday, and bridge imagebuildings, lights, and new york city skyline image

SEQUIN covereddd cuteness!!@


cool imageshine, just shine, and just image


LOVEEEE how these i’m hidden but i’m not hidden secret agent man shots came out!!!

20's, flapper, and twenties imagemoulin rouge, paris, and vintage image

This look DEAD STATUS!!@!

I had this AMAZINGGGG VINTAGE sequin top and skirt set….it was all frumpy but the detailing was soooo beautiful!!!  As soon as we set up this shoot I had this pure vision of Bernadette in a GLAM flapper style sequin look…so I spent HOURSSSSSSSSSS hand sewing this mother and DIEDDD how amazinggg it came out!!!!  I don’t think i’ll make more b/c it took SOOOOO long…but never say never : ) lol

actress, calm, and art imagevintage, black and white, and paris image

I MEAN REALLLY!!@@!@! Dyinggg yet!!@?  Flapper style GORGEOUS-NESS!!!

Mike was the KING of shooting this day!!@   Took like a million pictures!!@   Sooo many I couldn’t even narrow down all my favorites…I have hundreddddss!!!

 kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and sisters imagevintage, hair, and hairstyle image

Can she BE AN PRETTIER!!@!??


Looking at these GORGEOUSSSS shots!!!!!

They are SERIOUSLYYY AMAZINGGG!!!!  I CAN’T wait until you get to see them!!!@  BOMB ASS TEAM!!!!@

 beach and vintage imagegrunge, pale, and people image


BABES!!!! <3

Last look of the day (or morning) was this SOOOO FUN completely CLEAR skirt!!@!@!

…coming to the webstore!!

 water, grunge, and tumblr imageswag image

Being the BADDDESSSTTTT on the roof!!!

Mike was jumping on all sorts of everything!!!  COMMITMENT!!!  LOL

fashion, girl, and model imagenails and transparent image

Suffocate me <3

Really the GREATTTESTTT time!!!  I wish it were still happening!!!!  NEED MORE OF THEM!!@

Can’t wait for Bernadette to come back to NY so we can do more!!!!

MOREEE photoshoots with Mike coming…(LET’S DO THIS Mike!!@) lol


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