Behind the Scenes at the Braids, and Cotton Candys Photoshoot

LOVEEDDD doing this shoot!!!  Made this dress CUSTOM JUST for this shoot!!!  ALWAYS supperr excited to shoot with Demetri!!!  LOVEEEEE getting all his pictures!!!  It’s like Christmas!!!

And got to do this shoot with my friends AMAZINGGG salon Glamour Addict as the hair and makeup.  Carollee did the MOST AMAZING job on their ADORABLEEE hair!!!  It’s my new FAVORITE salon!!!! Glamour Addict Salon website

…check out all the behind the scenes pics from this SUPERRR FUN shoot!!@@

hair, pink, and braid imagehair, art, and drawing image

Braids braids Braids!!!  <3

Braids are sooooo cool right now!!!  I’ve ALWAYSSS been OBSESSED with braids!!!

How AMAZING does Janna look!!@@

 hair, pink, and braid imagehair, braid, and hairstyle image

I’m OBSESSED with how STUNNING she is!!!!

…and Carollee is too funny “Weirdo” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 lol

balls, puffs, and beautiful imageparty and pink image

So this is the POM POM Dress I made JUST for this shoot!

LOVEEE how it came out!!!!  Super girly and flirty and FUN!!!

bookmark, book, and colors imageparty image

This day of all days of course it rained~~~!

Did some pretty pretty glamour shots inside the Glamour Addict Salon b/c it had the MOST PERFECT makeup mirror!

flowers and bubbles imagebubbles, grunge, and tumblr image


Metallic purple mermaid princess <3

water, grunge, and blue imagenails, black, and manicure image

bubbles imagerainbow, colors, and bath image

I’m funny and “stole” this umbrella from the salon (I promise I’m going to give it back lol)  It was just TOO CUTE all clear and with Polka Dots to not have in this shoot!!

autumn, tear, and beauty imagerain, gif, and black and white image

pink, neon, and light imagepink, princess, and parking image

Rain Rain go away!!!

DYINGGG over Cornelia in these pictures!!!!


Gemma Ward imageheart, pink, and glitter image

Took a little trip to the Carnival

…wouldn’t you know…NO ONE was there!!! lol

Cornelia looking SUPPERRR ADORABLE in this custom Pixie Mermaid Dress and matching Sheer Vintage Clocks Crop Top <3

pink, pastel, and blue imagepink, girl, and tears image

This is PERFECT EVERYWHERE!!!  Janna looks sooo frickin’ cute in this!!!

Soooo Cotton Candy!!!

pink, quote, and grunge imagelips and red image

Sweetheart Vintage One Piece


pink, aesthetic, and pastel imagepastel, building, and aesthetic image

Ok this is my FAVORITE!!!!!

BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 2 pc Sets!!!!

Peter Pan Collar Crop Top w/ Matching Skater Skirt…lined with the CUTESTTT fabric!!!

art, city, and rain imageoriginal, clouds, and rain image

Part of the *NEW SERIES* Supperr FUN and SWEET dresses all made out of VINTAGE DISNEY Sheets

Can’t wait to show you ALL of these SUPERRR CUTEEE Dresses!!!

Lion King!!!  Hakuna Matata <3

quote, weird, and funny imageart, dance, and blue image
makeup and harley quinn imagecircus, indie, and lights image

 Lol…this model was sooo much fun!!!  And funny!!!  She found this funny little marionette in Williamsburg

…poor lonely little guy

glad she adopted him lol.  We named him BeBop…b/c that’s what my little 2 year old names EVERYTHINGGG! lol <3

quote and tumblr imagepink, grunge, and lonely image

MY FAVORITEEEE everrrrr!!!

This skirt took FOREVERRR to make and is soooo fluffy and AMAZING!!!

With a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crop Top of course!!!! lol

It may have rained but we had the FUNNEST time and GOT SOAKED!!!  LOL  All in the name of BEAUTIFUL STUNNING Photos!!@

crayon, colors, and colorful imagecolors, paint, and art image