Behind the scenes of the DOLLHOUSE Photoshoot <3

This shoot was BEYONDDDD GORGEOUS!!!

ALL the photos from this shoot are now viewable HERE

…and FINALLYYY can share with everyone all the INSANE/AMAZING (but seriously INSANE!!!) Backstage pics from this shoot!!! ENJOY!!!!!


Photography: Elo Durand
Modeling: Julia and Lou
Hair Stylist: Lorenzo Diaz
Makeup Artist: Diana Manzanares
Styling: Jane Noriega
Wardrobe: New York Couture

Just the clothes on hangers is BEAUTIFUL@!!!!!

background, silver, and tumblr imagewallpaper, background, and pink image

YOU HAVEEEE to watch this!!!!!

DEDICATION to her craft!!!!!  LITERALLY covered her ENTIRE apartment in tinfoil!!!  AMAZING!!!!!

Building the Doll House :

 MORE beautiful-ness


Soooooooo in LOVEEEE with how BARBIE all these make me feel!!!


DIED when I saw these!!!!!


I was OBSESSED with BARBIE when I was little…had probably EVERYYY one!!! I even like to joke with my other half that if we have a girl we should name her Barbie…Barbie Brock…has a nice ring to it!!! lol

looks like tinfoil imageabstract, texture, and art image

Photos of behind the scenes where EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY covered in tinfoil!!!

**&^^$%^% BOOM blowing my mind!!!@@ lol

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art image



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