BACKSTAGE Sweet Lollipop Kisses Photoshoot <3

One of the FUNNNNEST shoots of lately!!!!  Demetri is ALWAYYSSS sooooo much FUN to shoot with!!!  And this model, Jessica, a GORGEOUS NYMPH Pixie Dream!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Sooooo many new-ness’s coming!!!  I CANNOT wait to share with all of you!!!

For now enjoy all the pics from BACKSTAGE at the

Sweet Lollipop Kisses Photoshoot <3

red, heart, and lips imagetattoo, stars, and nails image
billboard, vintage, and gif imagenails, heart, and red image

This Pixie dress is soooo gorgeous!!! 

Made from a vintage party dress and covereddd in SUPER antique vintage beaded appliqué detailing from the 30’s!!! 

DYINGGG over this one!!!

heart imagehearts and wallpaper image
pink, lipstick, and heart imagelove, weird, and weirdness image



Have to also point out Demtri’s SUPERRR AWESOMEEE jacket!!!!@@@

heart imagebutter, funny, and half image


Suchhhh a Pixie ethereal dream!!! 

Will be selling as a set with the hand dyed ombre Lace detail Bustier and hugggeeeee PARTY bottom <3

art, paint, and pastel imageart and paint image
bird, heart, and art image
donuts, pastel, and food imagefebruary and love image

Could you just DIE from her SMILE!!!

flowers, art, and painting imageart, flowers, and aesthetic image

GORGEOUS!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

colors imagebath, galaxy, and bath bomb image
aesthetic, alternative, and art imageart, paint, and feet image

We walk <3

Just a casual day with some friends lol

OMG the Garden Party Dress!!!!  The sultry low cut in the front!!!  Howwww CUTE does she look!!&@@??

sweet and pink imagelips, art, and drawing image
cupcake, paint, and food imageadventure time, cupcake, and JAKe image
cupcake, blue, and food imagecupcake, food, and sweet image

These are the NEW *Sample* Cupcake Dress !!! <3 

Neon Pastel Sweetness!!! 

And coming in limited quantities to the webstore superrr soon!!!

cupcake, food, and colors imagecupcake, food, and chocolate image


cupcake, funny, and wallpaper imagecupcake, food, and chocolate image
cupcake, food, and monster imagefood, cupcake, and chocolate image

This though!!!

pink, sunset, and aesthetic imageblue, locker, and teal image


I’m also OBSESSED with these vintage inspired hats covered in ALL Vintage flowers. I’m going to make MORE and MORE of these and sell them for $50 and up!!! 

Feel free to email me if you want to be on the list for them when they first come out!!! 

Each one will be completely One of a Kind and sooooo frickin’ cute!!!!! <3

These dresses though!!!@@!!  Vintage sheer striped fabric with ADORABLE Peter Pan collars!!! 


Can’t wait to wear!!! 

And coming to the webstore soon!!! This is all just a SNEAK PEEK at what’s to come…and you’re going to LOVEEEEEE!!!

car, vintage, and travel imagepink, car, and beach image

So THESE are SOOOOOO INCREDIBLYYY ARTSY!!!!  CAN’T WAIT to show you what Demetri’s magic eye created on these 2 shots!!! <3

Photos from a Vintage Hubcap!!!!!@@@@ BLOWING YOUR MIND!!!

glitter, gold, and sparkle imagehands and glitter image

And then there’s THIS MAGIC!!!!  YES!!!!  We did GLITTER!!!!

And when you see how IT CAME OUT!!!!!!!@!@  There’s NOT ENOUGH excitement for how AMAZING!!!  <3


So ENJOY ALL THESE FUN behind the scenes pictures from this INCREDIBLY AWESOME FUN shoot!!!!

EVERYTHING shown coming SOON to the webstore so START getting excited!!!  And SOOOOOOO much NEW INCREDIBLEness’s to come too!!!!

car, vintage, and pink imageclouds, mirror, and car image

Thanks to EVERYONE that made this AMAZINGGG shoot happen!!!!

Soooo excited to share all the real pics with all of you!!!@


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