*New Photoshoot* New York City Dreams Photoshoot

New York City is one of the MOST MAGICAL places you could EVER BE!!!

It’s EXCITEMENT!!!  It’s DREAMS!!!  This shoot was sooooo MUCH FUN!!!  And sooooo MAGICAL!

New York City Dreams Photoshoot

ALL the photos from this shoot HERE

city, art, and wallpaper imagecity, new york, and light image

Has SUCH A FUN TIME doing this shoot all over the city of New York!!!


***** NEW STYLE ***** suppperr CUTE and suppperr FUN t-shirt Cut-out Dresses <3

Made from VINTAGE T-Shirts…EACH one ONE OF A KIND!!! <3

pink, neon, and aesthetic imagehello, pink, and vintage image
elephant, animal, and nature image pastel, pink, and aesthetic image

Get your HANDS on THIS SUPPPERRR CUTE dresss!!!

CAROUSEL Rainforest Lace T-Shirt Cut-Out Dress

This is a BRANDDDD NEWWWW Style!!!!  Get it NOW for over 50% OFF during our HUGE Anniversary SALE!!


new york imageImage by Le Cirque des Rêves.

Sooooooo INCREDIBLYYY beautiful!!!!  LOVE EVERYTHING about this picture!!!


aesthetic, heart, and art imagegirl, water, and flowers image

VINTAGE Jewels are the BEST!!!! NO ONE everrrr has them and they are TRULY conversation pieces!!!  Like THIS!!!

Amazing VINTAGE Lion ROARRRRR!!!! Necklace

get it NOW!! 


fire, smoke, and grunge image

And THIS Bracelet is It!!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLE Rhinestone encrusted Alligator Bracelet

The MOST BADASS Bracelet I’ve EVER!!! Seen!!!!



skull, flowers, and love imagebeauty, flowers, and garden image

The graffiti and the colors are this dress just messed soooo well in the streets of the city!!!


Kitty Cat Bustier Party Dress


strong, quote, and flowers imagenew york, city, and Dream image

STUNNING!!!!  And the combo of sexy on the top and warm on the bottom <3

Limited Edition NEON PINK Owl Jumper

THIS IS IT for this color!!!!  LAST ONES!!! So GRAB yours NOW!


Tumblr_ljzqyri5uw1qftwqwo1_r2_500_largeowl, blue, and art image

New York City is the BIRTHPLACE of SOOOOOO muchhh PUNK ROCK history!!!!

ROCKER-chic T-Shirt Halter Dress!!!

Already SNAGGED up during the HUGE Anniversary Sale

But LOVEEEE this!! …and you can get other prints RIGHT NOW…NOT MANY LEFT THOUGH!!!

Image by kawaii kanye west

Ring jewelry!!@??  YES!!!!



art, london, and skeleton imagepurple, grunge, and aesthetic image

And because these ROCKER dresses keep SELLING OUT….we JUST posted another : )


http://newyorkcouture.net/Photoshoots/4808shoot2.jpgbackground, nails, and wallpaper image
batman, wallpaper, and background imagebatman and flowers image

One of a Kind BATMAN T-Shirt Halter Dress

OVER 50% OFF NOW during the HUGE Anniversary SALE!!


batman and hero imagebatman, funny, and fly image

Weeeerrrr Weeeerrrr That’s the sound OF THE POLICE!!!  <3

Sooo much fun all in one look!!!

One of a Kind POLICE Fringe Crop Top

and PENCIL Leggings

BOTH OVER 50% OFF NOW but only during the HUGE SALE!!!

…get them NOW HERE

city, bridge, and new york imageDream, never, and quote image
police, Law, and grunge imagepink, police, and car image
girl, graffiti, and art image
beautiful, mommy, and mom imageeyes, art, and black and white image
animation, beautiful, and gifs imagequote, hell, and grunge image

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary SALE ends in LESS THAN 2 weeks,

and NEXT WEEK starts the COMPLETE and UTTER MADNESS for our HUGE BIRTHDAY celebration!!!

BIRTHDAY MADNESS starts on our Birthday December 15th!!!

…START GETTING readdy!!!!

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