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A Magical Day in The Garden <3

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


The *new* colorful WONDERLAND Collection is now out!!!

Treat yourself to a day out in our MAGICAL GARDEN <3  Sparkling with Sequin STARGAZER Shorts…*NEW* in CITRUS ORANGE…HERE

Prance around in the ADORABLE brand new BIRTHDAY Party Romper…HERE

…or cover yourself up in vintage…Pearl Drop Earrings and VINTAGE Hats from the 1950’s HERE

………WHATEVER YOUR HEARTS DESIRE…our magical garden has it <3


<3 Escape to WONDERLAND <3 New York Couture SPRING 2012 Collection

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

TODAY is the OFFICIAL first day of Spring…

…and it’s not just time to celebrate blooming colorful flowers and sinfully sweet weather…it’s time to CELEBRATE the NEWEST Collection by New York Couture!!!


…to the land of make believe

with New York Couture’s WONDERLAND Collection

(get your Mouth-watering WATERMELON Dress HERE)

Swirling, whirling, twirling…into New York Couture’s WONDERLAND Collection

Close your eyes and imagine a magical world past Never Never-Land. Where you can wear a Firecracker. A shark bite can pair with SPARKLY shorts. Or where you can declare every day but one a very un-Birthday.

Enchant, excite, dazzle with WONDERLAND, the newest collection by New York Couture.

View the full collection HERE






BIRTHDAY Party Romper


TONS of sparkly…FUN…*new* jewelry and accessories!!!

EVERYTHING from the shoot…rings, hats, earrings…including RARE FUN! Vintage pieces will be or are available for sale NOW… HERE

CITRUS Orange STARGAZER Sequin Shorts


COSMIC Skirts …get yours HERE (more colors coming in the next few weeks!!!)

EVERYTHING from the *new* WONDERLAND Collection by New York Couture will be listed over the next few weeks…NEW colors and ITEMS…from the tops, dresses, hats, and FUN jewels…so keep checking back!!! LOTS already available for sale now HERE

NEED to shop for all your KILLER New York Couture goodies in person? Well you’re in LUCK!!!! New York Couture will be at the BUST Magazine Spring CRAFTACULAR in NYC.  Get yours hands on the FULL *new* collection, as well as never before seen samples, and AMAZING Sale items!!!

Date:  Saturday April 14th

Time: 11am-7pm

Location:  82 Mercer Street (between Broome & Spring)            Event website  HERE


AND…start getting excited!!!!  New York Couture WILL be on ONE tour date…

I know we said…no Bonnaroo, Bamboozle, Lollapolla, ect……… this should CHEER YOU UP!!!    Our ONE AND ONLY tour date will be…

trumpet clip art gif

…dun dunna dun…

NEW YORK Warped Tour on Saturday July 21st at Nassau Coliseum



This again will be our ONLY tour date because little baby is coming during our tour season…sorry…but he’s going to be a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So if like every year you’ve been saving and plotting and planning what you NEED to buy at Warped Tour…make sure instead of going to Philly, NJ, ect (because we will NOT be there this year) you come to the NEW YORK Warped Tour date to snag all the deals and INSANELY AWESOME samples we always have available EXCLUSIVELY at Warped Tour!!!!!

Warped Tour website HERE




When You Smile, I Smile…*NEW* Items <3

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

*NEW* Items JUST posted for Sale!!!

We KNOW you CANNOT WAIT for the brand spankin’ new collection to come out THIS Tuesday March 20th…that’s just 2 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…so in the meantime to hold your cravings over…enjoy these SWEET NEW pieces!!!! <3


When You Smile, I Smile…

3 Piece BUNNY Bikini Set  HERE      VINTAGE & Costume Jewelry  HERE

One of a Kind Princess PARTY Dress  HERE


BACKSTAGE at the Spring 2012 Collection Photoshoot <3

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Just ONE WEEK left….until the BRAND NEW super awesome KILLER Spring 2012 Collection comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!

…as promised…you KNOW it will be worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collection release date again is:  Tuesday March 20th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…are your lips watering yet?  They will be after you see the EPIC backstage photos from the collection shoot…


Can’t tell you the theme of the shoot yet…but it’s SUPER DREAMY <3

Patricia did AMAZING makeup in peaches, pinks, lilac, greens, and other fairytale-esque colors…ADOREEEEEEEEE how my girls came out!!  <3


The hair was choppy Japan Harajuku-style anime princesses <3

 Little baby helped at the shoot too <3

…so sweet <3

…model Alesandra putting her hand on sweet little baby <3

 …and the shoot STARTS with a BANG!!!!!

…as usual…these KILLER looks are top secret until they are released next week….but here’s a taste of the AMAZING *new* collection <3




You have NO idea how SCANDALOUS this photo is!!!  lol

…if cops were around…we possibly could have been arrested…typical NYC shoot…lol


Galaxy dreamland <3

…find out why March 20th  : )


SUPER SPARKLY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Patricia had the COOLEST lip tattoo’s for the shoot…so we HAD to use them!!!!

USA!!!!  <3 <3 <3

…GOD she’s pretty!!!

So many frickin’ much’s LOVE this girl!!

FIERCE-ness with a capital F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ahahahahaha….true love

…or true torture…ahahaha.  Paige has her boyfriend carry her around…

she wins!!  lolol


This piece might BITE!  <3

 Being SUPER pregnant…and getting all this amazing-ness done is something really BIG!!!!!  It was VERY hard…but when you want something bad enough…you CAN make it happen…so NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Dreams DO come true <3


The sun LOVED us this day <3


 Now all you have to do is wait 7 days…and like magic…POOF!  all this AMAZING-ness will appear!!!

Are you ready!!@@@??

Tuesday March 20th ………… have been WARNED!!!


SUPER cute *NEW* items for Sale <3

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

With less than 2 weeks left until the NEW Spring Collection comes out…the fun is JUST beginning!!!

Tuesday March 20th….1st day of Spring…1st day of colorful fun-ness for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

…colorful fix needed NOW???  …we got you covered with these SUPER cute *NEW* items for Sale <3


STARGAZER WHITE IRIDESCENT High Waist Shorts HERE      ******     PINK’s Octopus Rhinestone Ring  HERE


New York Couture selling at Soho’s Designer SUPER!Market THIS Saturday March 3rd!!!!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

It may not be spring yet…but jeez it’s getting close enough!

…and since we know all of you have been ITCHING all winter to snag all your favorite New York Couture pieces

we’re coming out of hibernation (BIG BANG!….not a yawn!) and will be selling at:

Soho’s Designer SUPER!Market THIS Saturday March 3rd–  268 Mulberry Street, NYC  11am-7pm

AWESOME New York Couture pieces…as well as INSANE vintage designer finds…like Gucci, Fendi, and MORE!!!!  So make sure to come!  <3