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HEY Girl HEY!! BACKSTAGE at the Roxy Cottontail Photoshoot

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Heard of Roxy Cottontail yet?  Well NOW you’ve been warned…taking shit OVER!!  We both go to the same parties…know the same people…and have been talking about working together FOREVER…so i’m sooooOOOooo HAPPY it finally happened…was INSANE amounts of fun…and I LOVVVVVVVVVVEEE her music…the KATE MOSS song (below) is just RIDICULOUS!!!  Roxy Cottontail website HERE

Look at us…but do not touch…

BACKSTAGE at the Roxy Cottontail Photoshoot

Dan makes the MOST RETARDED faces EVER!!!!!!!  Nick just sits back and laughs at our MADNESS…I don’t blame him…if we were a # on the scale from 1-10 we would be a 100!!  WATCH IT BITCHES!  lol

…a WHOLE new level of “SPECIAL”!  lol

…but girl can WORK it at doing makeup!  WERK!

The view was stunnings!  <—yes I added the “s” on purpose!! There was a PINK apartment building…we all LOVED <3  …reminded me of Pakistan…never been…lol…why Pakistan? don’t know…lol

NYC holler!  ..and GEM BLING eyebrows Dan made Roxy for the shoot…PINK PARTY…did you get the invite??@@

I thought I was funny making the pink lights from the real photoshoot going off every time I took my photos…I was WINNING!

LOVE COLORS?  That’s a BIG yes from me!!!  Got ALL the HOT new colors from the Lime Crime makeup collection…thanks ladies!  So we HAD to use for this colorful shoot!  I can’t pick my favorite…sooo much fun!!

Get your fixing for colorful makeup on the Lime Crime website HERE


Harajuku PARTY time much?!@

I LOVE making people look like LIVING DOLLS!!

We Love Colors tights add the last bit of POP! we needed!

HOLY CRAP Dan’s gay!!!  I think he’s being a Jewish mother in this shot…ps…it’s ok that we make fun of jews…they’re our people!  lol  SHALOM!! ps…we make fun of EVERYONE…no one is safe!!@

Barbie don’t got shit on us!!  POSE!

RARE backstage photo of me fixing Roxy up…Dan stole my camera…I was surprised he was able to even figure out how to turn it on…special ed classes FINALLY paying off!

LOVE photo on the left of Nick and Paloma high five’ing…while Roxy is still posing…lol…serious is NOT how we work!

SOOOooooOOoo many layers of cute

…cut a slice?  …cake is MINE!

Dan came out of the closet window…lol

Moved to the rooftop for FUN!

One word…


Nothing like sexy booty shots! …while we dance party!

Shake what your momma gave you!

I DIED when Paloma did this…

…out of nowhere she pulled out a dollar store Barbie phone…and made it ring

…said “hold on, I need to take this call”

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!  It’s my new favorite thing and I WILL get one of these phones and COPY her!!  ENDLESS laughs…still laughing from this!

…had to GANGSTA it up a bit…


Dan not only makes stupid faces…he also put his BIG face in photos and ruins them!  Case in point below…lol…yes…that’s Dan’s face!

…which then lead to Dan having the BRILLIANT idea of playing dress up and becoming a Hasidic Jew

holy FUCKED UP!!  hahahaa

this is what he was aiming for with the look:

(me and Dan circa 1996)  lolol this point I fuck everything up and touched a setting on my camera and can’t figure out how to make the photos normal again…sorry…looks kinda cool though…lol

…”close-up” photos still work…”far away” ones are another story.

PARTY look complete with a party popper…to come…

…my trippy setting I have no clue how I did this…LOVE these ghost-y photos!


I MISSED THE PARTY POPPER!  Roxy set it off…colorful paper exploded EVERYWHERE!  I thought I got shot in the ghetto…nearly shit myself..had NO CLUE she was doing it then…too funny!!  You’ll have to wait for the real pics to see those!

Ended the shoot with silly Mustache Necklace photos…ALWAYS fun times!

I love all the COTTONTAILS!  <—they were soo much fun to play dress up with!

This shoot was giggles, colors, and EXPLOSIONS…literally…CAN’T wait to see the photos Nick took!!!  Gonna be amaze!!!  And to come…Dance Party with Roxy and the Cottontail crew…not sure which I’m MORE excited for b/c both sound amazing!!

MORE crazy photos and updates coming…check back or add us on Facebook so you don’t miss any of the CRAZINESS!  NYC on Facebook HERE





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FUN! photos from last week’s BUST Magazine Craftacaular in NYC

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

FUN! photos from last week’s BUST Magazine Craftacaular in NYC taken by my lovely friend Gabi Porter <3  <—who I was SOOO happy to see there!!

Check out ALL the photos she took on the BUST website HERE

Soooo much YUMMY food!

I ate a cupcake…mmmMMM!  And since the event was nestled in Soho I enjoyed ALL my FAVORITE food places for lunch and dindin!!  Ordered from BREAD for lunch…and Vegetarian Paradise for dinner…soooo DELISH!!

…but ALL my desserts came from inside the event!! <—TASTY-ness mmmMM

FUNNY items for sale!

*smoking is BAD unless you are smoking these cute puffy dolls <3  : )

…and of course


…the fire extinguisher was NO mistake…

…shit we brought was THAT HOT!  OUCH!!!!@@  lolol

Got to meet some SUPER cute new people…LOVED the girl that wore head to toe Turquoise and Yellow that bought a Pink Penguin Jumper!!! MATCH work it girlie!!!  Saw my Bruise Cruise wife/love Erin!!!!  And soo many frickin’ adorable New York Couture fans that were waiting to snags the deals!  THANKS FOR COMING OUT…more FUN coming…promises!


ZINK! Magazine feature …and Guess who’s going to BONNAROO!!!!@@@??

Friday, May 27th, 2011

HOLY CRAP!!!@  Guess who’s going to be at Bonnaroo 2011!??

…you guess right if you guessed …………NEW YORK COUTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So START getting even MORE excited than you ALREADY are for Bonnaroo!!!  BRAND NEW samples for sale that have NEVER been seen or released will be available…NEW jewelry…CRAZY sales…and MORE!  More New York Couture Bonnaroo announcements to come…so keep checking back : )

Bonnaroo 2011 is June 9th-12th in Manchester, TN

…a WHOLE weekend of FUN!!

more Bonnaroo info on their website HERE

Just SOME of the artists/bands performing…EPIC line-up!!!!!!!!


SUPER excited to share with you this…

ZINK! Magazine feature on ZINK Ventures!!!

New York Couture got to work with ZINK Magazine on a fun project the other week…… may have seen the tweets about it : )  …once we get photos we will of course share with you!!!!!  In the meantime check out what ZINK! had to say about New York Couture…


Check out this article and MORE fun stores on the ZINK VENTURES website  HERE

Juicy SPRING Fever Photoshoot

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Frog Prince?  or just a frog?

Kiss him and find out ; )


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Finally have photos to share from the Juicy SPRING Fever Photoshoot!!  These WILL make you thirsty for MORE…you have been warned!

Sweet Carnation Pinks…

…Fruity Peach shades

…….and of course…JUICY Watermelon’s!!  Lips wet yet?

Spring has arrived in NY…and it’s time to enjoy nature at its fullest!

Spring came JUST IN TIME to drag a smile back onto my face!  The cold and rain did not help remedy…so I would like to take spring…and put it in a bottle…so even on the worst days I can spray some Spring on me!

Juicy SPRING Fever Photoshoot

View all the photos from this shoot HERE

What is spring without lucky little ladybugs?  <3

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Wearing a watermelon NEVER looked so good!

…they say you are what you eat…don’t they?  : )


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Daisy’s all lined up…

…candy coated CHIC!!

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BIG announcements too…possibly a BIG one tomorrow…so come back to the NYC blog again every day.  Will keep posting as I can : )



Friday, May 20th, 2011

TOMORROW in NYC…come visit New York Couture and 100+ other designers at the BUST Magazine CRAFTACULAR!

About the event:

Crafters and Foodies Invade SoHo TOMORROW!

The BUST Magazine Craftacular & Food Fair
SoHo has long been regarded as a haven for artisans, independent creativity, and hip, influential trendsetters. So when BUST Magazine was looking for the very best spot for the 7th Annual BUST Magazine Craftacular, they looked no further than downtown. For the first time, the one-day only shopping and food extravaganza will occur in the heart of SoHo at 82 Mercer Street on Saturday, May 21st, 2011, from 11am-8pm.

The spacious new venue allows for double the amount of vendors (over 100) and to accommodate the expected attendance of over 4,000 guests. The celebration promises DJs spinning hot tunes, coveted raffle prizes, and free goodie bags for the first 300 people at the door.





There are soooo many fan photos…it’s going to take a while before all can be posted…but let’s start the engines NOW~! : )

Sexy fan (left) with HOT star tattoo’s…and boobs (I know…i’m terrible…lol) in a ONE OF A KIND Fruits Jumper <3   and on right: ADORABLE fan being a fierce diva to reckon’ with in a Limited Edition New York Couture T-Shirt   LOVES!

Birthday’s are purrfect in the Limited Edition New York Couture Birthday Cake Dress <3   CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xox  Soo frickin’ cute!!!  The Birthday Cake Dresses are all ALMOST completely sold out…get your cake and wear it to before they’re all gone HERE

Party’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!  ps…she is just the CUTEST thing EVER!!!

Bobbi LOVES New York Couture : )  SoooooOOoo much cuteness in her Limited Edition PINK Elephant Tank Top and SOLD OUT Lightening Bolt Ring <3  …sad the ring is sold out…me too…but NEW accessories listed ALL the time HERE

PIZZA parties AND mustaches…2 OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  ahahaha  This photo is EPIC!

…get your Limited Edition Mustache Necklace HERE


Into the Garden we go…

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Into the Garden we go…

NEW ITEMS Just posted for sale!

Lace Caftan ONLY $60  HERE ~~~~~~ Flamenco SHIMMER Striped Dress HERE

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New York Couture is an EDITOR’S pick in NY POST…& the BUST CRAFTACULAR in NYC THIS Saturday May 21st!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

New York Couture featured in the NEW YORK POST‘S Editors’ Picks

what they had to say about our SUPER CUTE necklaces!! :

Summer loves

Summer is my favorite time of year: I can finally swap out my slouchy leather jackets for festive, flirty frocks. Behold the picks of summer that make my heart soar.

I often have major cravings for burgers or cupcakes — both satiate my hunger pangs like no other goodies. When you have accessories as whimsical as these, why not wear what you eat?

Limited Edition glitter hologram burger necklace, $25, and Limited Edition “Fairytale Collection” cupcake necklace, $25, both at

ALL the editors picks HERE


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BRAND NEW items from New York Couture, SAMPLES, sale items and TOP SELLERS at 50% or MORE OFF!!!  <— basically you CANNOT miss this!  WHERE:


@ 82 Mercer Street, NYC



Backstage at the Tattoo’d Kim Kardashian PHOTOSHOOT

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

RAIN RAIN go AWAY!!  Cold and rainy is NO FUN…me NO like!! no no no!  So to make up for it…been working on and doing NEW and exciting projects!!  Yesterday in the crappy rain we did a shoot in Brooklyn for a Tattoo Magazine.  Model India Rose was in from Australia to shoot…she is SUCH a sweetie pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And she looks like a Tattoo’d up super sexy VIXEN Kim Kardashian!  <—- LOVES IT!!!

The first look was ULTRA sexy spaceship styled…with LOTS of sheer-ness  HOT!!!!!  Had a twist of Alice in Wonderland squeezed in there too : )    We listened to funny rap music and were SUPER white…peep Steve “raising the roof”  HAHAHAHA  he cracks me up!!

…down the rabbit hole <3

…next look was Pirate-chic!   GOLD and PLANKS galore!!!!!!!!!

Steve made me a special dance music mix for shooting with him…LOVEEEEEEEE dance parties!!!!!!!!!!!!  Last look was suppose to be worn a few days before by SUPER CUTE tattoo model Hattie…but she sadly had no boobies to fill it…lol

…and because it was rainy and BRRRRrrrr out…I made a YUMMY hot chocolate….MMmmmmMMMmmmm

The big boobie bustier was actually made and worn by Katy Perry <3  …this was the first time I shot it since getting it back from her : )

Katy Perry being sexy in New York Couture <3

Vampire-chic nails HOTTTTTTTTTTT!


Dominatrix egg, Dan pole dancing, and MORE craziness in Brooklyn!

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

carlovely:  mike monteiro buy a print here

I know…i’ve been sucking yet again at posting…SORRY…been super duper busy!  LOTS of fun stuff going on…hopefully i’ll be able to announce it all soon!!!  These are from last month…a fun filled day in Brooklyn with my CRAZY friends!  We started off at the musical Jamin was performing in…Dan OF COURSE has to support his boo…but I LOVES him too so I was game to come!

GOD Dan is annoying!  lol

…and his face is ALWAYS in/near a crotch!!! lol

The show was soo fun!!  Naked-ness…dancing…singing…people hanging literally from the ceiling…and Jamin covered in fake blood <3

photo right: CRACKS me up!!!  …the faces!!!  <3

…after the show we stayed and hung out.  Dan saw this pole and it was like gravity pulling him to it…even though people were gingerly having a conversation…did NOT stop Dan from body lurking….ahahahaha…LOOK AT THEIR FACES!!!  left photo= happy…right photo= NOT pleased WTF!  ahahaha

THIS was the second best thing from the night!!  It’s called….”white people dancing”  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA …this is how Jeff says we dance ahahhahahahahahahahaha  LAUGHING out loud RIGHT NOW!

#1 best funniest thing of the night…was me…getting stuck in a dominatrix egg cage…HELPS!!!

I somehow fit/crawled inside…but then I was stuck…so like any good friend would do…Dan shook me in the cage…which made it run over my finger/crush my finger.  THANKS Dan for being such a kind and caring friend! lol

Still stuck : /

I ESCAPED!!!  Only a damaged finger….HA!  Now off to my friend Rad Mike’s BDay Bash!!!!  These are the SUPER FUN loves I met on the Bruise Cruise…soooooo excited to see them!!!!

My LOVER Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had SOOO much fun getting crazy on the ship!!  You might recall the Indian Head-dress photos…those were by her : )  Can’t wait to see her ass again!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!@@@!!!!!

SUCH a cute friends shot!!!!

MORE photos coming soon : )

Now…back to work!


Like a VIRGIN!! BACKSTAGE at the Tattoo Magazine Shoot this past Saturday

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Saturday we did a FUN photoshoot with SUPER SEXY model Bridget Blonde for an upcoming issue of a Tattoo Magazine…so these are kinda hush hush…but check out a sneak peak of what’s coming!!

PS…hi…jeez BIG BOOBIES!!!  People think I notice these extra lots because I have no boobs…but I honestly notice everything…asses…crazy colored eyes…lips…the whole everything!!  Most listed are not an issue for clothing…but glad these suckers fit into the tops…it was a close call though!  Bridget was soo much fun to work with too!!  LOVED her <3!

above: smooshing boobs into tops…

below: we shot a few colors of the same look…will be making something cool out of it : )

…and got to work with my Mr. Steve Prue!!  I haven’t seen him or shot with him in FOREVER!!!  So that was soo nice!!  He even brought/made me a dance mix on his ipod…HIGHLY ENJOYABLE and VERY surprising music picks!!  GO STEVE!!!!

…her level of sexy is just WAYYY too high!!  HOT!!

Sweet and sexy!!!  LOVED the color white on her!!!  Like a VIRGIN!!  And fishnet New York Couture thigh highs…SIZZLE!

Last look we went a little vixen TERMINATOR-ish!!!  Punk rock sex kitten…MEOW!

…this pose was ultra on FIRE!!!  Booty bounce!  LOVE IT!!

Bridget looks kinda like a young sexy Pamela Anderson in these pics!  Ughhh…sooo HOT!  I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Pam Anderson!  Hi…BAYWATCH!!!

…and what’s a New York Couture shoot without adding some funny Mustache Necklace shots!@??  I know I said the Mustache Necklaces were DONE…but there’s LOTS of fun things going on with them…a magazine is going to be doing giveaways…and there’s a cute celebrity that’s ALL about them…will keep you posted!!!  …so a few new colors coming…like the Hologram Glitter colored one shown below…LOVES!!

And for your SPARKLE enjoyment…



Limited Edition SIBERIAN TIGER Rhinestone Bracelet

…get yours HERE


Limited Edition Shades of Blue Rhinestone HORSE Ring

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