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Sunday church….NO!!!! Shopping-and-a-half-shell THIS SUNDAY @ the Bust Craftacular in Brooklyn!!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

THIS Sunday May 23rd…come visit New York Couture at the Bust Craftacular!!   We will have NEVER BEFORE SEEN PIECES, samples, MAJOR discounts, and MORE!!! <–aka won’t want to miss this!!

There will be over 50 vendors all selling handmade pieces: clothing, jewelry and MORE!! Plus it’s ALWAYS a TON of fun!!!!!

The Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Time:  11am-7pm



Look at that creepy guy in the corner…what corner who….who can that creepy guy be?

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Such a creepy face….such creepy smile…such a creepy guy.  I feel creepy…oh so creepy….lololololol. Im getting carried away now!

Had such a fun time yesterday!!!  Been sooo busy the past few months…so less and less shoots have been going on…and shoots are SOO much fun for me!!  The model, Alysha, and I were suppose to do a shoot a while back…but it sadly didn’t happen…so she flew out to make it happen this time!!  Cutest little pixie EVER!!  She was running late…so Sam Fox (LOVE this model!!) did a rocker-chic inspired shoot…and then into my crazy bright clothes too!  Alysha finally got to the studio and Xenia from Lime Crime dolled her up too (see below).  I also never saw the finished product for Lime Crime…only samples…but GOD THEY ARE CUTE!!!  I’m a proud mommy…lol!  I also got to see a NEW one that is not out yet….SOOOOO cool….you’ll have to wait and see for yourself!!  Hey… i’m always a fan of anything pink with unicorns!!

…I also LOVE graffiti!!  NEW Hoody Leotards (floral shown below)…coming soon!!!!

Sam got TONSSS of attention from creepy men!!  Cracks me up every time!!  Does the hooting and hollering EVER work??  I would be curious to find out if anyone married the person that was doing that to them…lol.  Say “Hey Baby…where you going?  Give me your #”…and they got married!!  My friend Jackie HATES when I say this…but: if you think it…it’s happened.  I live by this…so when I think of something completely retarded…it makes me laugh….try it out…lol.  (below are the creepies)

…as the creepies stopped…tried to take photos in the shoot…or just stared…I met Pea-Nut.  Look how cute!!!!!!  I’m obviously a BIG Chihuahua fan….only because they are THE BEST!!

Meet Joe (below on left).  Saw his creepy little (or big) head popping out from the corner.  God how creepy!!  Poor Sam was shooting in the street…she had to move every time a car was coming and had to deal with Joe gawking x 2687470998!

Joe finally came around the corner to full on stare.  I tried to block his view by standing in front of him…what is wrong with these guys!!!@@!!?  Totally cracks me up thinking of him and Sam as a couple holding hands…ahahahah.  Stop being creepy Joe!!!!

Had to show you the whole wall….it goes around in a complete square (so this is just one of 4 sides)….sooo much work!!! Pretty awesome though!!

It’s OFFICIALLY Bikini season!!!!!  I hate winter so i’m sooo excited to wear dresses again!!  Screw you winter jacket!!!!!!  Bunny and Kitty Ruffle Bikini’s coming to the SHOP soon….

Could you guess what below is????  MORE CREEPIES!!!!!!  They just stop…dead in their tracks (as seen on right)…as if I put a spell on them or made them freeze…and they stare…like their life depended on it…so I take photos! ahaha

Alysha was soo cute and fun to work with!!  Hopefully these will make it into the Tattoo Magazine….think they should have some models all decked out in crazy clothes…don’t you agree!  Will keep you posted of course! : )

These 2 were my faveeee of the day!  Wait….I take that back….when Sam was shooting in the street…a guy on a bike rode by and pretended to slap her ass…that was the #1….so this is #2….lolol.  They were talking in spanish….super surprised when I spoke back…ahaha

Last shot of the day!!!  We were all super hungry after that…so off to Life Cafe in Bushwick BK to eat!!!  I had the spiciest vegan soup…made my nose run…lol.  Boys got burgers.   Alysha got Mac-n-Cheese…was not a big hit though.  But we filled our bellies!  Get in my belly!!   On the way out…we ran into a model we knows bf…they have 2 Brussels Griffon’s…so I HAD to play with them!!!!!!!!!!! (below)  Meet Gypsy and Frankenstein…lolol.  Sooooo cute right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  150% going to have a Pippy/Muffin vs Gypsy/Frankenstein doggy playdate!!!!

They came back with us to the studio…fighting began.  Soo adorable!!!  The end!

Came home for the MOST EPIC season finale ever!!!  Who watched Gossip Girl last night!!@@@@???!!!  Craziness!!!!  Cant wait for the next season!!!@@@ Poor Chuck!! : (

xoxo gg

Lick a lollippop should be licked!

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Have SOOO many fun photos of you sexy fans wearing New York Couture….so i’ll have to start posting them all!!    This girlie is just ADORABLE!!  If I liked girls I would want her as my girlfriend…lol.  I’m pretty sure she’s a singer from somewhere awesome like Australia!!!  Either way she looks KILLER in her New York Couture lace shorts!!  Get yours   HERE

Today is a crazy day!  Started off with a phone call waking my sorry ass up!  This 800# has been calling my house for a month…waking me up…leaving me messages…finally I called it back and SCREAMED at them….it was AT&T.  Seems someone gave them my house # for their wireless bill and they owe $$$….so the collections people were calling me.  Now that they know it’s not me that owes them $$ they better stop calling!!  Fuckers!!!  Yesterday I was up at 6am and did the Hester Street Market.  It was beautiful out…and the market was really nice!  Met so many nice people and sold a whole bunch of great pieces…so it was a good day : )

Today i’m off to Brooklyn to 2 photoshoots…will of course post backstage photos!  Make every day count…so do something fun for YOU today!!

NYC Legacy!!! TOMORROW…Hester Street Fair!!!!

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

My roots are downtown NYC. That’s where all my immigrant family members moved straight off the boat.  They started businesses…one of which is still around today!!  If you’re ever in Manhattan The Parkside Lounge is my families.  My great-grandmother would make and serve food….then it was my grandfathers…all this time later it’s still there!  Downtown NYC carries on legacy’s…and it’s where I want to to be and want to stay!!  If/when I open my first New York Couture shop…it will be right by the Parkside!!!!  Soo…..come check out this re-opened legacy.

Hester Street Fair title

The Hester Street Fair is the NEWEST market in NYC!!!  …but…it’s also one of the oldest!!!  Originally started in 1895…it has been given a second life by MTV’s Suchin Pak.  See for yourself!!  It is open every Saturday and Sunday in NYC on the corner of Hester and Essex Streets NYC.  It’s open 10am-6pm both days.  It has a range of awesome vendors…including the MOST AMAZING food you can get at ANY market in NY!!!!  I’m hungry just thinking about it!!!!

COME one come ALL!!!!  New York Couture will be at the Hester Street Fair TOMORROW Sunday May 16th!!!!

Website: HERE

The Hester Street Fair.Hester Street Fair Adds Arancini, Jams, Cupcakes, and Lemonade

see you tomorrow  : )

Secret Sale is ON NOW!!!!….designer Market THIS weekend…

Friday, May 14th, 2010

**************NEW YORK COUTURE SECRET SALE**************

The New York Couture secret sale is GOING ON NOW!!!  So what is it???  Can’t tell you too many details….because it is secret…lol…but what I can tell you is this:

…if you see an item on the online shop, and it’s from previous seasons (ie not the current season…this is the current season HERE)…then it may be BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! You won’t know until you get your package in the mail…but certain dresses, tops, ect are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!   The Secret Sale is not forever….so grab the goods now : )

***The FREE item will be the same style…not the same exact print/color…so you will get 2 fabulous but different pieces for the price of one!!  <–just to clarify:  For example, if you ordered (and these tops are sold out…but i’m using them as an example…and also to not give away what the secret items are!)…if you purchased the below Tie-Dye Flutter Sleeve Top you would get the Flamingo Flutter Sleeve Top for FREE!!

Click  HERE to start shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Shopping!


…so MANY MUCH’s of good stuff!!!!!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

….crazy day!!  LOTS to still do!!  Secret sale is in effect….will post more details on that by tomorrow : )

…but in the meantime:  ALL NEW ITEMS JUST POSTED FOR SALE!!!  Yippy!!!!!!!!!!!  …and MORE coming!!!!  So keep coming back : )

…NEW   accessories


Kitty Bikini ************     T-Shirt Halter Dress ************    Bow High Waist Shorts

and also NEW to the SALE section:

Yoke Dresses for only $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




NEW Sale T-Shirt Skirts!!!!  ONLY $25!!!!!

AND Sale Denim Tutu Skirts ONLY $35!!!!!!!!!!!



Have fun!!



Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

New York Couture “secret”…shhhh…SALE….coming soon….

……keep posted for details!!!


80’s Punch Out & Lesson learned today!!@@

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Lesson learned today is….don’t wait 5 years to go to the dentist!!  Paying the price now!  Found out I have 4 cavities!! ahhhh  crikey!!!  Got half done today….it sucked BIG TIME!!

In non-sucky news….yesterday was the K.O.A.G.’s Birthday!!!!  = King of all Gays  aka   Daniel K   aka   my partner in crime   aka   Douchey Mc Douchey bopper….lol.    He will tell you it was his 22nd birthday….LIES!!! lol.  Dindin at Caravan on 6th Street.  I of course had to bring re-dick-u-lous birthday hats.   I originally had birthday tiara’s….but thought the night was already going to be gay enough…ahahah.  It was also little Whitney’s birthday!!  It was a DOUBLE WHAMMY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Dan doing what he knows best: BLOWING….ahahahah

Make that wish queen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best friends for life!!

BIRTHDAY SLUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was at a gay club in Brooklyn…we basically bar hopped the whole night…

…random hipster bar…Whitney killing shit…PETA would not be pleased!!  lolol

…bar #4…Barcade…<— AWESOME!!  They have ALL quarter machines from the 80’s…Pacman, Tetris, and so on!!  I lost most games (fuck you joy stick!)…but a re-match is 150% happening!!!!!  So watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(above: Dan getting KILLED in Punch Out!!  Also…not sure if the lipstick on his neck is from the tranny at the gay club or Whitney???  I’m a dick so I’m spreading the word that it’s from the tranny…ahahaha)

FRIED PICKLES…Happy Mother’s Day…and Little Baby Hanna Beth <3

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

It’s been a wild few days!!!  Friday my sweet love Chantal finally opened her awesome boutique…so of course we had a party to celebrate!!  It’s called Tamahawk…it’s a salon and boutique so you can get done up head to toe!!  It’s in Bushwick Brooklyn….sooo fun!!! GO GO GO!!  <—–@ 10 Porter Ave,  Brooklyn NY   …after the opening….we went for drinks and the MOST RANDOM snacks EVER!!  <—- crazy snack #1 = fried pickles!!  ….sounds gross….but sooooo good!!!!!!  TOP THAT!

Today is Mother’s Day!!! finally got these photos…so enjoy: FUN photos of my girlie Hanna Beth <3   …well….she’s not a “baby”….but she’s my little girlie girl to me : )  lol

Click HERE to see ALL the photos from this shoot!!  <—-fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of you have been asking about MORE Blue Panda Dresses….and until now they have been sold out!!  I found this AMAZING Turquoise-ish Blue…so I hope you like the new and EVEN MORE KILLER Panda Dress….HERE …………………AND…get your hands on the NEW Cupcake Top HERE (shown below)

The plan today?  I’m going with the family to eat a yummy lunch at this fab place by Tompkin Square Park….mmmMMmm…makes me hungry now thinking about it!!  Then we are taking my children (aka my Chihuahua’s Pippy and Muffin) and my sisters daughter aka French Bulldog Darla to the dog park…should be for some great laughs!!  After… I’m treating my mom and nan to whatever jewelry they want… then dindin…and then tonight is PARTYYYY time….b/c it’s also DANIEL K’s (aka Dan the King of all gays!!) frickin’ birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN….LOVE UUUUU!!!!!!!   Tonight WILL get outta hand!!  Can’t wait!! Everyone have fun today!  xox

Turquoise haired aliens from Canada….QUEBEC-QUA???

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Yesterday was a busy one!!!  Trying to juggle a million projects all at once!!  And still with LOTS of events going on this summer!  Check the events page to see what’s confirmed (more being added soon!!)   EVENTS

So with everything else crazy going on….still squeezed in a shoot with this fun blue haired model from Canada.  I wish she were from Montreal….then she would be Quebec-qua….but still super fun either way.  FYI….I LOVEEEEE fake France!!!  lolol.  Anyways, she goes by Sparkle Pixie…funny girl missed her train and came an hour later…which was fine by me b/c I was trying to get LOTS done yesterday (well….everyday really!!).  I haven’t shot with Mark aka MB Photo in maybe 2 years…so the reunion was GREAT!  Why has he been mia??  He had 2 kids!!!!!  And this is why I can’t have children yet…well human children b/c I already have Pippy & Muffin as my son and daughter…lol.  I barely have time for anything with no (human) kids….can’t imagine my “free time” with them!!  CRAZINESS!!!! GOD i’m a.d.d….soo off track!!  ahahah

Outfits were all neon….neon= FAB!!!  Took some behind the scenes shots…and every time it flashed super bright (see below)…so the joke was she was an alien…

…ps…all NEW accessories coming out!!!  …including *NEW* Cupcakes, Mustaches, and BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Glitz-n-Glam Sunglasses!!!!  You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo GG