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French fries, Neon Pandas, and NEW items POSTED!!!

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

TOMORROW is the BIG….HUGE lookbook shoot!!!  Normally I’m not stressed or doing things super last minute….but this time around I AM!! <—-SUCKS MAJOR!!!

I picked up last minute samples yesterday….they’re ALL WRONG!!  I’ll be up until the wee hours of the am fixing everything that can be fixed…not fun at all!!!!!!  Made some SUPER CUTE accessories to go with the looks….wait until you see how cute!!!  My poor ME!!….burnt/cut my fingers….but as long as this collection comes out FAB I don’t even care about my bodily harm…lol

Above: LOVE this model from France!!  She orders FUN custom things….LOVES pink…obviously…so she had me make her a custom Neon Pink Panda Dress….came out SOOO CUTE!!

MORE in this post!


*NEW STORE* Portland Garment Factory…..comin’ straight at ya’!!!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

The City of Roses welcomes New York Couture to it’s funnest boutique!!

Portland Garment Factory
7910 SE Stark
Portland OR, 97215

The shipment of FAB-U-LOUS goodies won’t arrive until next week…but if you live in/near Portland make sure to check out this boutique!!!…and snag yourself some amazing New York Couture gear!!


Backstage at the Stuffed Animals BANANAS Photoshoot!!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

These photos are from this weekend.  Taken in my house : )  …you already saw my super cute puppies in the posting before this one!

I got the giant Hippo and Shark to use as pillows on my couch a week or so before this…so they had to make their photoshoot debut asap!!  I LOVE toys…so i’ve come to the conclusion that I just may NEVER grow up!!  I could be Peter Pan…minus not being a boy….and minus not flying…plus no Captain Hook….grrrRR….so I guess not quite like Peter Pan…lol.

MORE backstage photos : )

The cheese stands alone…………

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Did a photoshoot yesterday….was super fun!  Will post photos when I have a chance.  Things are SOO CRAZY!  Trying to get all the outfits finished for the lookbook shoot…only have 1 week left until the shoot….countdown begins!!

The theme yesterday was just “fun”….had some crazy outfits…and all my dolls on the blue velvet couch….shot literally at my house : )    Little baby Muffin wanted to model (below)…the cheese stands alone.

I haven’t had time to breath!!! I posted last week about being part of a contest….well….I WON!!  I’ll be part of the New York Showroom with my first meeting this Wednesday!!  I’m pretty excited!!  Before this I never had any sales reps/ect…it was really just stores wanting to carrying my brand.  Now i’ll have reps selling my line worldwide…so watch out WORLD!!


NEW PHOTOSHOOT: Sweet Sailors and Pretty Pirates Photoshoot

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Deadlines, drama, and OLD MAN Mustaches????????? lol  It has been a crazy past few weeks…but everything is going to finally be done!  Yippy!!  Start getting excited!  Lots of announcements to come in the next weeks:  tour dates, about the next collection, and MORE!!

How am I even inspired right now???  It’s cold, winter is boring…and yet i’m having a ZILLION amazing ideas!  I want to expand the New York Couture “empire”….can’t tell you all the details….but SUCH GREAT IDEAS!!!  It won’t be anything soon…everything unfortunately takes time.  Boo to time!!!  But if/when it happens it will be EPIC!!!

During all my crazy idea explosions I wanted to do a “pirate” themed shoot…(SHUT UP…lol…that my pirates are pretty!)

…check out all the photos from this shoot HERE


My MUSTACHE is bigger than yours!! …Ride NOT INCLUDED!!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Still working on samples.  Soo not fun!!!  But you know what IS FUN!!!!??  MUSTACHES!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m hoping to have some “Mustache Clothing” out in time for Bamboozle….if all goes well it will be EPIC-ly funny!!!!!  For now…we just have the Mustache Necklaces…rides not included.

Get yours HERE


(above: super cute photos of fans with their Mustache Necklaces!)

This week is do or die!!  MUST get everything done…did…done!!! Hoping to shoot the lookbook at the end of this month…collection will come out Feb./March…but don’t worry…I’ll keep you posted : )

Will be posting soon another magazine editorial with New York Couture….this time from Australia….featuring my BFF….watch out!!!!  …coming soon!

And!!  Just posted Two NEW  *SALE*  T-Shirt Skirts for sale (shown below)

….snag yours HERE



Gossip Girl

NEW Photoshoot: Cotton Candy Rainbow, LOVE from/to Saks 5th Ave, and MORE!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I think cotton candy is yummy!  This shoot makes me want to eat some  MMMmmmm!

Been working a lot on the new collection and some SUPER FUN new things I have in mind for this year….which you will LOVE!!!!  Prepare for a sad face….there will not be a Fashion Week Show for us this coming February…the good news is…that i’m planning something even better….will let you know soon : )

Check out all the photos from this shoot HERE

Buy your *One of a Kind* Neon Green and Turquoise Blue Panda Dress (shown above)   HERE

Find out about the contest I was in yesterday…

….and see what was posted for sale TODAY in this post : )


Pirates, creepy Old Man Mustaches and…The tale of the Vaginasaurus

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Today my puppies had to get their shots.  Poor puppies!!  But rabies sucks….so it had to be done…lolol

Yesterday was a fun day!!  I haven’t done a NY shoot in over a month!  <—-that’s craziness!!  So it was GREAT to be back….and to be playing dress up with my team again!!!  Plus I’ve been SUPER creatively inspired lately….which is odd.  Normally in the winter I like to bum around b/c I HATE the cold….but i’ve had all sorts of amazing and creative ideas that HAVE to come to life!!!!!  So…after my meeting on Friday (which I may be able to tell you something later next week about that)…I got back to my studio and sewed allllll night!  Made some super cute things!  For whatever reason…the theme of the outfits I started to make was “pirates”….

…these are the backstage photos from yesterdays PIRATE ARgghhhh Shoot : )

MORE in this post : ) (more…)

A very happy UN-Birthday to you!!!!!! Now let’s paint the roses red!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Alice in Wonderland is my most favorite movie!! It has been an continues to be an inspiration for my photoshoots….especially this one : )

It’s such a fun story!  The best one was the movie from the 80’s….I keep trying to find it online…with failure…boo!!  But what I remember is a baby turns into a pig….LOVE it!!!  ahah

This shoot was super fun!!!!  And best of all…LOVE how they came out!!!!

Check out all the photos from this shoot HERE

MORE in this post!!


Glamour Magazine with Chade Crawford, VIXEN Sequin Leggings <33

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

AND HERE’S THE STORY…..So many weeks ago, in November, we got an email from Glamour Magazine…this was the email:

Glamour Request for Chace Crawford Shoot Hi-

We’re working on a couples-themed fashion well story featuring Chace Crawford and a model, and would like to request the attached/circled New York Couture S/S 2010 looks for this story. Please see the shoot details below and let me know if these looks will be available, so we can schedule a messenger pick-up. Thanks so much!

SHOOT: Hide and Seek (Fashion)
SUBJECTS: Chace Crawford + one girl model
ISSUE: February 2010
EDITOR:  Maggie Mann
DATES: Nov. 11th, Wednesday

and this is the photo they sent to show what they wanted from the newest collection:


I had to keep this top secret CIA status (lol)…b/c I would otherwise get in trouble for spilling the beans on the story…and also because i’m super superstitious and I didn’t want to jinx this.  As you can see…weeks past….and you never know for sure with these things if it’s going to happen.  ….but…..IT DID!!! The February 2010 GLAMOUR issue came out yesterday and I was beyonddddd excited to find my VIXEN Sequin Leggings featured!!!!! Plus Chase (aka Nate Archibald) is yummy to look at…and my baby girl Katy Perry is on the COVER!  Could not have asked for anything better!

These suckers are SOOO sweet to wear!!  Lined with comfy bathing suit material…and SPARKLES like crazy!!!  MORE colors coming soon

….get yours HERE