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TOMORROW Sunday July 6th Come SHOP New York Couture at WARPED TOUR NJ

Saturday, July 5th, 2014


OUR FIRST TIME in YEARSSSS at the NJ show!!!!  YAY!!!

Date:  Sunday July 6th, 2014
at PNC Bank Arts Center
in Holmdel, NJ

SHOP the NEWEST pieces, BRAND NEW samples, HUGEEEE SALEEEE items at up to 80% OFF!!!! 

Clothing starting at FIVE DOLLARS!!! ANDDDD we will have a $20 SALE bin with TONSSSS of amazingggg pieces, for example $120 dresses and jumpers JUST $20 !!!

See you TOMORROW!!! 



TODAY New York Couture turns 9!!!!!! Happy Birthday to us!! BIG sale NOW!

Sunday, December 15th, 2013


To celebrate 9 of the sparkliest years EVER…New York Couture is having a WILD  SPOP TIL’ YOU DROP celebration!!!  The New York Couture HUGE 9 Year Anniversary Sale goes into CRAZY mode starting TODAY/NOW, our BIRTHDAY!!

…start snagging all the INSANE deals NOW!!!

New York Couture is 9!!!

I told you that you would NOT want to miss this sale…and I SWEAR it’s just going to get BETTER!!!  So keep checking all the CUTENESS added EVERY single day!

BACKSTAGE at our CELEBRATE Photoshoot <3  <—EVERYTHING shown below will be for sale (or is NOW) for our HUGE Anniversary Sale! YAY!


 below: SWEETHEART Lace Party Dress <3  …I adoreee this dress!!!

I CAN’T believe it’s already been 9 YEARS!!!  It feels like yesterday that all this madness began!!!  Sooooo many WONDERFUL memories!!! 


These photos just make me HAPPY!!! Be your own BARBIE!!!  … Dreamland PARTY Dress

Get yours HERE

Make a wishNovember. | via Tumblr

Graffiti HAND PAINTED Dress…sooo Purrfect!!!  Sooooo cute!!!


havent posted in a while

Can our birthday get ANY CUTER!!@@@???

Ruffles and Studs OH MY!!!

This dress…you NEED…HERE


Cake,Candles,FirCute Moustache.

GAMEBOY cuteness!!!  We had the MOST and the LEAST fun doing this shoot!!!  lol…

…it was FREEEEZZZZZING outside!!!

…but we’re funny!!!

NAKED and afraid…the New York Couture edition lol

Get THIS Cartoon Chic PARTY Dress …yours HERE

sweet addxtion Happy birthday New Me

Your every party PARTY Skirt!

FRINGE Dreamworld PARTY Skirt



Top it off with a SPARKLE!!!

SPARKLE CROP Top…it’s SUPER shimmery and FUN!!!

…and it’s ONLY $10, but ONLY during the HUGE Anniversary Sale !!!

upside down wineglass into cake plate...

MORE fun to come…I PROMISE!!!


BACKSTAGE at the Romantic <3 smoke bomb filled Photoshoot

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

These photos make me think if flowers exploded in Wonderland…lover of all things Alice : ) …follow the rabbit <3

You were WARNED that this years HUGE Anniversary Sale would be like NO OTHER!!! Unlike ever before…you won’t have to wait to buy the pieces from this shoot!!!! They are available NOW…so click on the links : )

Enjoy the enchantment…

BACKSTAGE at our Romantic Photoshoot <3

This could possibly be the scene when Alice meets the Caterpillar…


These ruffly SWEET Skirts are super dolly and chic! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY…part of the New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale…get yours before they SELL OUT!!! …HERE

those who cry in crystal glasses= n i g h t = | via Tumblr

…very Great Gatsby!

VINTAGE Chic One of a Kind *Sample* High Waist Shorts with a STUDDED Bustier and FUN Vintage Necklaces! <3

My very own Barbie Doll <3

These shorts are TOOOOOO cute!!!

And NEVER before released online for sale…but starting NOW part of the HUGE Anniversary Sale!!

OHHH MAN…they’re ALL One of a Kind…sooo hurry and get a pair!!

High Waist Denim Shorts HERE


Isn’t everyday a day filled with <3 Unicorn Dreams <3

The movie The Last Unicorn has always been one of my favorites!!! If you’re a creative type I feel like you can relate…that there’s just ONE like YOU : )

Not great if you’re a lonely unicorn, but I think if you have originality then take your obscurity and enjoy that you’re, like these clothes, *One of a Kind*!

This was SUCH a FUN piece to make!!! ALL the trimming is vintage from the 50′s-70′s !

And then a modern touch with colorful studs <3

Sooo romantic <3 Sooo dreamy

…and it can be yours now : ) HERE

Come into my garden <3

Dora Barbarićconey island queen | via Tumblr

We got a little bit of carried away-ness with the smoke bombs and ended up burning my headboard lol

It worked like a charm to hold the smoke bombs in place…just didn’t take into consideration the fire/color aspect it would leave behind : )

…ohhh well…looks SOOO cool!

This dress is GOING TO SELL OUT!!!

One of a Kind garden glamour covered in ruffles…I ADORE this dress!!!

HUGE Sale…part of the Sale NOW!!! …get it before someone else does now HERE

Look HOW cute it is!!!

DreAmY Hoods!!!

This one has all pastel florals, is One of a Kind…and you’re going to FLIP

…because it TOO is part of the HUGE Sale right NOW!

DON’T miss it!!!!! HERE

au-revoir sweetheart.

She is SOOO gorgeous!! I CANNOT wait to see how the real photos from this shoot came out!!!

Can you even IMAGINE since these are just the backstage ones! AMAZING!! <3 : )

Tornei-me insano | via TumblrWebcam Toy fotos

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale starts in ONE Week!!!

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013





The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale starts in ONE Week!!!

It will be like NO OTHER sale before because we will be listing BRAND NEW items that even the photos from the shoots have not been released yet…so EXTRAAAA amazinggggg stuff!!!!!

*SAMPLES*, New never before on the Shop pieces, clothing and accessories JUST $5 and up !!!!!

ONE WEEK LEFT until the Sale Starts !!!!!

Pretty Wild(94) Karl Taylor Photography | via Facebook

Cactus Girl | via Tumblr

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale starts in 3 week!!!!!

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

The New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale starts in just 3 weeks!!!

3 Weeks until the MEGA-craziness begins on Saturday November 9th


HUGEEEEEE Anniversary SALE dates announced!!!!!

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

The wait is over!!! The MUCH anticipated New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale dates are here…

The magic BEGINS

Saturday November 9th

…and the HUGE Anniversary Sale officially ends Sunday December 29th 2013

It’s almost 3 weeks away to start celebrating 9 AMAZING years (so far!) of New York Couture wild and CRAZINESS!

…so start getting ready!!! YAY!!!!! More HUGE Sale updates coming soon…

11.9.13 to 12.29.2013



Alice in WONDERLAND escape to summer Floral FUN!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

A flower blooms….


Summertime garden dreaming…you don’t need sun to grow

LUSH greens…

…pastel floral prints…get the ONE OF A KIND Lace Owl Jumper HERE

KILLER Vintage jewelery $25 and up!!!!  HERE

BACK IN STOCK!!!  NEW YORK COUTURE Japan Chic Cabochon Glasses in 4 *new* colors HERE

…and the super Alice in Wonderland-esque ADORABLE Princess Cap Sleeve FLORAL Dolly Dress  HERE


MOTHER FUCKING Warped Tour!!!!!!!@!@!@!@!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Warped Tour 2012 is in FULL SWING as we speak traveling all over the US & Canada…


……..New York Couture as you know has been missing from the festival scene this WHOLE ENTIRE wild season…

…but don’t despair…we will be putting a smile on your face and in exactly ONE MONTH from today on Saturday July 21st we will see all your happy relieved faces at NY Warped Tour on Saturday 7.21.2012 at Nassau Coliseum!!

Meet CUTE tattoo’d up boys…and get your hands on the ENTIRE *new* collection…ONE OF A KIND Samples…and INSANELY PRICED Sale items!!!!!!!

It’s our ONLY tour date on Warped Tour (in fact its our ONLY tour date the WHOLE YEAR!!!)…so if you were planning on going to NJ or PHILLY make sure to change your plans and GO GO GO to the NY show!!!!

see your asses there!!  <3

BACKSTAGE at the Fairyland Garden Photoshoot and the VAR Magazine Launch Party <3

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

BUSY is an understatement!!!  Soo much fun-ness going on!!!!  And SUPER pregnant!!!!!  AGHH!  lolol.  Little baby growing inside is making me EXTRA creative…so LOTS of fun new pieces!!

…with the GORGEOUS flowers blooming everywhere…we just HAD to do a Garden themed shoot!!!!  Of course I added a mix of punk-rock chic to my garden : )

It was a beautiful SUNNY day out on Sunday…PERFECT for our FUN shoot!!  You’ll even catch BIG belly pics of me in this blog!!!    <3

These are MAGICAL!!

Hope you like!!

BACKSTAGE at the Fairyland Garden Photoshoot


Could I look MORE pregnant!!@??

Thalia…my stunning model…looking AMAZING in front of this BURNING red/pink flower bush/tree




Bed full of daisies



…this is where I try and figure out how to use Instagram

…i’m the BEST b/c I figured it out!  lol


Pink is my FAVE color

…so LOVED this part of the garden!!



It’s a magical land here




After the shoot…b/c i’m obviously INSANE!!!…I headed into the city to go to the VAR Magazine launch party at the NY Ink Shop.

4000 months pregnant…ONLY pregnant person at the party…hi…i’m funny!!

CAN’T WAIT for this mag to come out!!!  Should have FUN New York Couture-ness’s in it…so will keep you posted when it’s officially out : )



Can’t drink alcohol b/c i’m already a good mommy…so used my cup wisely and had a TATTER-TOP PARTY!!


…which of course made me get made fun of…

…my sister kindly pointed out I look like I swallowed a beach ball…thanks sis!

SUPER fun times!!



Sunday, April 8th, 2012