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VIP & Backstage @ NEW Collection…LOTS of pics!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Sorry for not having anything up sooner.  I’m still traumatized from everything that happened on Friday.  The stories you are emailing me are HORRIFIC!!!!  I’m waiting to hear back from my lawyer, but regardless I plan to take them to court!!!!!  AKA….don’t fuck with me and my peeps!!!!  …but life goes on…I don’t have time to “grieve” the loss of my show/birthday party….but revenge will taste extra sweet once I get some!!!  Soo much going on!!  Bamboozle, Warped Tour, and Coachella are all coming up…so see you at those and MORE!!!

I’ve never been more proud of a collection!!!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  So……Without further ado…I give you my newest and MOST FUN collection:


Check ALL the photos from the show, backstage, and party pics HERE

Runway photos : )

All my sexy fans and friends….LOVE YOU ALL!!!


So (my mom would add the word “buttons” here…lol)…the night before we had a fitting at the club…which I will not name b/c they don’t need any promotion for being such fuckers!!  Everyone had lots of fun trying on the clothes.  I…on the other hand…was super stressed b/c LOTS of pieces were not finished!!  My philosophy is hope for the best…so I tried not to drive myself too crazy! Bess had these super big boobies…so she was UBER sexy in whatever she put on!!! And notice Bianca’s pants in the photo on the right (below)…they weren’t pants yet…so I stayed up til 5am sewing those suckers!!

…seee how SEXY (or “pexy” if you’re my girl Kendra…wink wink) Bess looks in the Birthday Cake Dress!!  So she wore that bad boy for the show : )

…so after staying up until 5am sewing…I got up the next day to finish the guest list…which was CRAZY long…make the cd’s for the show music…pack up the pieces I finished the night/am…and off to the show to get hair and makeup started!!!

Look how happy Dan looks to be there…lol

One of the makeup artists had an emergency so my baby doll Raquel jumped in to lend a helping hand.  I’ve seen her do her makeup plenty…but never anyone else…GIRL HAS SKILLS!!

Kristin and Dee were a tag-team WWE duo when it came to the show hair!!!  LOVED how the looks came out!!

…and wait….

…best part is….you can get your hands on these looks on Kristin’s etsy page  HERE (if you don’t see them listed…just check back…they may be not listed yet)   : )

My lover Sharon tk was SOO sweet and made me vegan cookies and cupcakes.  Below is one of my TWO trays of the cookies…we hid the cupcakes.  Let me tell you…SOOO YUMMY!!  She made me peanut butter and jelly cupcakes….creative and yummy…my 2 favorite things!! : )

BJ was getting all outta control…he was SUCH FUN to have at the show!!!!  Sharon looks hot too!!

All my besties came out and helped!  My bff George was super helpful!  If you came…he was my door bitch…lol.  Below he is being sexual with a pocketbook clutch….lol….it’s not his…but I wish it were!!!

OK…you’re gonna LOVE these….below are photos of:


Sexy bitch #1 ….LOVE her headband!!

I hope under this hotties jacket is pasties and a thong!!  Hope i’m right!!!

Who doesn’t LOVE 2-tone hair!!  FIERCE!!!!!!!!!

He’s a keeper!!  And I see London : ) …..lolol…LOVES!!

I’m in LOVE with these 2!!!!!  They need to adopt me b/c they are BEYOND CUTE!!!!


3-SOME (well…4-some)??????????????  Yes please!!

These guys are being all sexy in their dress clothes!!!  Totally cracks me up to have everyone from Japanimation to drag queens to these cuties at my show!!

MORE sexiness!!!!


THANK YOU again to everyone that came out!!  LOVE YOU ALL!!

Hope you had fun…while you could…  : )

I would also like to thank:

Daniel (especially!!) and everyone at PBR for getting my party nice and drunk!!!!!!!  I KNOW all you lushes really enjoyed your 1 hour open PBR bar!!!  PBR-ness…  HERE

and for those of you lucky enough to be VIP….you also got to drink the yum yum…. NUVO Vodka

…and what birthday is complete without CUPCAKES???????????  Everyone got to enjoy the DELICIOUS cupcakes by Glittle Cupcakes!!!  My FAVE was the Raspberry Ring Pop Cupcake…although I REaLLY wanna try the cotton candy one she makes!!!  If you’re having a party and you LOVE cupcakes as much as I do…you NEED to order these bad boys~!!!!

Thanks Ashley!!  Check out Glittle Cupcakes HERE

My best #1 present for my birthday was ALL OF YOU!!  So thank you for that!!  And for everyone that gave me dolls, cards, hand-made silkscreen t-shirt, fun handbag, awesome Tarina Tarantino bracelet, and MORE(below) …not to mention a FRICKIN PBR BOWLING PIN (too funny, but not shown!!!)….LOVE YOU for thinking of me!!!  Presents are so fun!!!


SINCEREST APOLOGIES to my fans, friends, family, and everyone!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Where to even begin?? I wanted to do a posting about everything yesterday…but if you live in/near NY you know how CRAZY the weather has been the past 2 days. I ended up losing power in my house…and got back internet/TV/phone a bunch of hours ago. I felt like I was living in 1892…there was seriously NOTHING to do…lol! How did people live before computers and TV’s!!!! Outta control!!

I was hoping this was all a bad nightmare and I would wake up…and have my “real” show…but I haven’t woken up yet….

I want to THANK all you fabulous New York Couture fans and friends for coming to my show and birthday party on Friday. Words cannot express how TRULY sorry I am about how the venue Greenhouse treated all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For those of you that haven’t already heard…Greenhouse started kicking people out of the venue BEFORE the fashion show event started…and then as soon as the show ended they turned off the music, turned on the lights and kicked EVERYONE out.  Why?  They said everyone was not adhering to the Greenhouse dress code.  I am embarrassed and sad that people that rude and hurtful even exist!!!!! You are all so wonderful and I am BEYOND grateful to have each and every one of you in my life!! I feel TERRIBLE because I know many of you traveled near and far to attend and even got me AMAZING birthday presents!! Not to mention my AMAZING team of models, hair stylists, makeup artists, assistants, and so on that worked SOOO hard on the show!!!  I swear I will find a way to make it up to all of you!!! : )

It’s a major blow to my heart because I worked so hard on this collection, and was so PROUD to share it will all of you…and they took that from us!!!

I plan to seek legal action against Greenhouse (and that is why I cannot say too much as of right now).  I know a lot of you have nightmare stories from Friday.  I would genuinely appreciate it if you emailed us what happened to you so we can start building a case against them!!!!! Please email: and include your name and telephone number (if you would like to be anonymous we will respect your wishes as well).

Again, I LOVE each and every one of you!!!! Photos and video of the show will be up soon…will let you know of course when they are. For now feel free to check out all the awesome photos from the show on HERE

Oh Snap!

Again I love YOU all sooo much!!  YOU are why I create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The MOST popular event in NY today/this week!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 12th, 2010

The MOST popular event in NY today/this week!!!!!!!!! <—- that’s crazy!!!!  It’s OFFICIALLY Official!!!   PARTY DAY!!!!!!   FYI for tonight….COME EARLY!!!!…there are a zillion emails….and it’s the MOST POPULAR event on!!!!  I just want to make sure everyone gets in : )

Also…the show will be through the WHOLE club…so it doesn’t matter what floor you party on….b/c you’ll get to see everything anywhere you are : )

Last…prizes will be given out after the show…say 20 mins after…at least that’s the plan so far!   Need the show info?  Go HERE


see you soon!!!


THIS FRIDAY!!! New York Couture Party and Fashion Show

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Latest Collection from New York Couture is sugar-coated with a cherry on top! Indulge your imagination at the New York Couture Designer Birthday Party and Fashion Show! Come experience the collection first-hand instead of watching it on MTV.

Event Website:

Date: Friday March 12th, 2010
Location: Greenhouse @ 150 Varick Street, NYC
Cost: FREE (with secret password)
Time: doors open at 9pm, fashion show starts at 11pm
(after party immediately following the fashion show)
Open bar 9-10pm  sponsored by

and FREE cupcakes made by


See you Friday!@!!

YOU’RE INVITED!!!! Party time 2010!!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Like to PARTY!!???  LOVE you some New York Couture!!???  Want to celebrate with New York Couture designer Cassie K.!!???  You’re in LUCK!!!!!!

…the very FIRST ever…

New York Couture Designer Birthday Party and Fashion Show!!!

…info HERE

It’s my party and i’ll cry if I want to!!!  Well…I BETTER not be crying!!!!! A few months ago a brilliant idea lit up in my head like a light bulb….BLING…why not have a birthday party AND showcase my newest collection ALL IN ONE PARTY.  I LOVE parties….and now you can help me celebrate my BIRTHDAY…and feast yours eyes on all my hard work for the past months!!  Ahhhh!!!!  Double load of fun!!!!  New/more info will be listed on the event website for the next 2 weeks…so check back for updates.  If you are on the mailing list you will get an email about all this fun soon : )  <—but I wanted to start the spread of FAB news asap…so START SPREADING!!! See you March 12th!!!

Party website:  HERE


***Photos & VIDEO*** of September 12th, 2009 New York Couture Fashion Week Show & Party

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

To date…this was the BIGGEST and CRAZIEST of all the Fashion Week Shows we have EVER done!!
To everyone that came out…I hope you had a BLAST!!!!
There are TONS of photos in this post…so check out all the craziness from our 9.12.09 New York Couture Official Fashion Week Show & Party

And there are even MORE photos on the New York Couture website!!

To view the photos we posted on our website go to: Show Photos



FYI…possibly the BIGGEST post ever…with the MOST photos…just so you know…


Craziest night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Last night was….the craziest night EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to do a HUGE post with TONS of photos…just waiting on the photos…but I figured everyone would be dying to see something…so here are some backstage photos my best friend too with my camera : )

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported!!  LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!

New York Couture Official Fashion Week Show & Party- Saturday September 12th, 2009

Sunday, August 30th, 2009


LONDON Fashion Week…ALL the runway photos…and MORE!!++

Monday, May 11th, 2009

I’ve been sooooo busy…but ALL the runway photos from the LONDON Fashion Week show are finally ready for your viewing pleasure : )

Hope you like!

Here’s a sneak….but to see EVERYTHING click HERE


Live life to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

So dealing with 100 different things right now…some good…some annoying…some sad….but i’m not going to get into them all.  The lesson to learn from all of these is that you should live life to the fullest…

Here’s a backstage photo from my London Fashion Week Show 2 weeks ago…will be posting all the photos hopefully very soon : )  <—just wanted to put something up for now so you know i’m here….just trying to help out a dear friend right now…and will be working in between  xox

Photo taken by Elliot Morgan: