Bright Polka Dots Photoshoot <3

ADORED working with Maddy Lucas for this shoot!!! The pics came out AMAZING!!! All the photos from the Bright Polka Dots Photoshoot HERE Suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a cute shoot!!!  MOTO KAWAII <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Everything was Japanimation inspired…fun colors…fun fabrics…CUTE animals!!! And LOTS of BRIGHT Polka Dots! You will LOVEEE!!! SPIKE Leather BraceletOnly available during […]

Holy Devotion PHOTOSHOOT

Forgive me father…for I have sinned…NOTThis shoot was SPIRITUALLY amazing!!…we shot this for a tattoo magazine!!! Was sooooo much fun!! HOT SEXY model India Rose was from Australia!!! Down under fierce-ness!!Check out ALL the photos from the Holy Devotion Photoshoot HERE<3Revelation……rosary style necklaces!! FASHION Prayers <3…with NEW Vintage Chains and MORE…just $25 !!!! HERE NEW […]

ESCAPE to a land of IMAGINATION <3

If you wish very VERY hard…dreams DO come true!!! …just close your eyes…we’re about to go on a COLORFUL adventure <3 !!! …the Never Neverland Photoshoot All the photos from this epic-ally FUN shoot HERE NEW color of the FUN Skull-sicle Crop Tops…MARSHMALLOW WHITE!!! And ONLY $20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …get yours HERE *Limited Edition* SILVER Sparkle […]

VIXEN Bunny Photoshoot

Little bunny foo foo…hopping through the forest… …except our bunny is SUPER HOT!!!! LOVEEE these photos of model Manchester!!!!  Check out the VIXEN Bunny Photoshoot …all the photos from this shoot HERE LOVE the shorts from this shoot?  SUPER POPULAR…this style keeps selling out…so gets yours!! BRAND Spankin’ *NEW* T-Shirt Garter Shorts!!…NYC Subway…FUN Mickey Mouseaghhhhhhhhhhhh […]

Fairies Exist DREAM GARDEN Photoshoot

SUPER pregnant and STILL making New York Couture magic <3  ; )  We shot these a few weeks ago…IN LOVE with how amazing and ETHEREAL this shoot came out!!!  Photographer Danielle Rocks brings a world of imagination and luster to life in these photos!!  IN LOVE!!  in love!  IN LOVE!!  See for yourself and travel […]