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Holy Devotion PHOTOSHOOT

Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Forgive me father

…for I have sinned…


This shoot was SPIRITUALLY amazing!!

…we shot this for a tattoo magazine!!!

Was sooooo much fun!! HOT SEXY model India Rose was from Australia!!! Down under fierce-ness!!

Check out ALL the photos from the Holy Devotion Photoshoot HERE




…rosary style necklaces!!

FASHION Prayers <3

…with NEW Vintage Chains and MORE

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NEW Prints for the FALL/WINTER!!!!

These BOW Skirts are a truly religious experience!!!

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Father, son, and holy spirit…you WILL need to visit a confessional!!

SINFUL Bustiers!!!

This would make the Virgin Mary blush!!!

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ESCAPE to a land of IMAGINATION <3

Thursday, August 16th, 2012


If you wish very VERY hard…dreams DO come true!!!

…just close your eyes…we’re about to go on a COLORFUL adventure <3 !!!

…the Never Neverland Photoshoot

All the photos from this epic-ally FUN shoot HERE

NEW color of the FUN Skull-sicle Crop Tops…MARSHMALLOW WHITE!!! And ONLY $20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*Limited Edition* SILVER Sparkle Sequin High Waisted STARGAZER Shorts (shown above and below)

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TONS of ROCKER-chic clothing for you to PARTY hardddddddd in!!

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SEXY sexy sexxxxxxyyyyy! One of a Kind Dreamscapes Printed T-Shirt Garter Shorts

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AND…Born to be a STAR VINTAGE Earrings (shown above)

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We LOVEEEEEEE jumpers here at New York Couture!!

Slip this bad-boy on and you have one SCANDALOUS outfit!!! TOUR and Festival-chic-ness!
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This and MORE One of a Kind DREAMY Party Dresses

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: )


VIXEN Bunny Photoshoot

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Little bunny foo foo…hopping through the forest…

…except our bunny is SUPER HOT!!!!

LOVEEE these photos of model Manchester!!!!  Check out the VIXEN Bunny Photoshoot

…all the photos from this shoot HERE

LOVE the shorts from this shoot?  SUPER POPULAR…this style keeps selling out…so gets yours!! BRAND Spankin’ *NEW* T-Shirt Garter Shorts!!

…NYC Subway

…FUN Mickey Mouse

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Fairies Exist DREAM GARDEN Photoshoot

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

SUPER pregnant and STILL making New York Couture magic <3  ; )  We shot these a few weeks ago…IN LOVE with how amazing and ETHEREAL this shoot came out!!!  Photographer Danielle Rocks brings a world of imagination and luster to life in these photos!!  IN LOVE!!  in love!  IN LOVE!!  See for yourself and travel to a world that’s normally left for your dreams <3



You don’t have to close your eyes and travel to the land of make believe <3

…get sprinkled with pixie dust with the *new*

Fairies Exist DREAM GARDEN Photoshoot

…see all the photos from the shoot HERE


Fields of flowers…yellow and green…glistening sun

It’s a TIE-DYE dreamland.  NEW One of a Kind T-Shirt Garter Shorts for sale now HERE


Fluffy cotton candy bushes

…you can FEEL the butterfly landing on you…RIGHT NOW <3

…sprinkling more pixie dust to keep you flying through our imagination



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Young LOVE Photoshoot and NEW Sale items *JUST LISTED*

Thursday, April 12th, 2012


Young hearts be free…

You know the boy that you fight with…LOVE…then HATE…but wherever he goes you have to go…

…you know he’s the one <3

All the photos from the Young LOVE Photoshoot HERE

Soooo many KILLER rocker-chic items just added for sale!!!

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<3 Escape to WONDERLAND <3 New York Couture SPRING 2012 Collection

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

TODAY is the OFFICIAL first day of Spring…

…and it’s not just time to celebrate blooming colorful flowers and sinfully sweet weather…it’s time to CELEBRATE the NEWEST Collection by New York Couture!!!


…to the land of make believe

with New York Couture’s WONDERLAND Collection

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Swirling, whirling, twirling…into New York Couture’s WONDERLAND Collection

Close your eyes and imagine a magical world past Never Never-Land. Where you can wear a Firecracker. A shark bite can pair with SPARKLY shorts. Or where you can declare every day but one a very un-Birthday.

Enchant, excite, dazzle with WONDERLAND, the newest collection by New York Couture.

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BIRTHDAY Party Romper


TONS of sparkly…FUN…*new* jewelry and accessories!!!

EVERYTHING from the shoot…rings, hats, earrings…including RARE FUN! Vintage pieces will be or are available for sale NOW… HERE

CITRUS Orange STARGAZER Sequin Shorts


COSMIC Skirts …get yours HERE (more colors coming in the next few weeks!!!)

EVERYTHING from the *new* WONDERLAND Collection by New York Couture will be listed over the next few weeks…NEW colors and ITEMS…from the tops, dresses, hats, and FUN jewels…so keep checking back!!! LOTS already available for sale now HERE

NEED to shop for all your KILLER New York Couture goodies in person? Well you’re in LUCK!!!! New York Couture will be at the BUST Magazine Spring CRAFTACULAR in NYC.  Get yours hands on the FULL *new* collection, as well as never before seen samples, and AMAZING Sale items!!!

Date:  Saturday April 14th

Time: 11am-7pm

Location:  82 Mercer Street (between Broome & Spring)            Event website  HERE


AND…start getting excited!!!!  New York Couture WILL be on ONE tour date…

I know we said…no Bonnaroo, Bamboozle, Lollapolla, ect……… this should CHEER YOU UP!!!    Our ONE AND ONLY tour date will be…

trumpet clip art gif

…dun dunna dun…

NEW YORK Warped Tour on Saturday July 21st at Nassau Coliseum



This again will be our ONLY tour date because little baby is coming during our tour season…sorry…but he’s going to be a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So if like every year you’ve been saving and plotting and planning what you NEED to buy at Warped Tour…make sure instead of going to Philly, NJ, ect (because we will NOT be there this year) you come to the NEW YORK Warped Tour date to snag all the deals and INSANELY AWESOME samples we always have available EXCLUSIVELY at Warped Tour!!!!!

Warped Tour website HERE




Oh la la ALLURE Photoshoot featuring New York Couture in upcoming Documentary!

Sunday, January 29th, 2012



New York Couture was selected to be a part of an AMAZING documentary about 6 designers in New York City. We are SUPER EXCITED to share the trailer with all of you!


Oh la la ALLURE Photoshoot featuring New York Couture in upcoming Documentary!


When the film crew wanted to follow us, we took them on an adventure they will NEVER forget!!

EVERY New York Couture photoshoot is a FUN party dance dreamworld…and they got to experience firsthand!!

The outfits were SUPER fun and GLAMMED out!!!

…check out all the photos from the Oh la la ALLURE Photoshoot HERE

…this dress is DREAMY!!! <3

LAYERS and layers of sparkle and FUN!!!

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…night on the town

……or London tea in the garden

Either way…fun FLIRTY and we LOVEEEEEE this sample!!! …coming for sale soon! (<—can’t wait…just email us)

This outfit is SOOOoooOOOoo rocker chic!!!! Glammed out ICON!!!

Marylin Monroe………LEGEND……dreamer…….ICON!!!!

One of a Kind Rhinestone and Studded Cincher Bustier….get yours HERE

…and COSMIC Stargazer Sequin Shorts…coming soon!!! These are HOT!!


OMG…SECRET photos from the Ooh la la Shoot!!!!

Vampire FANGS *SAMPLE* Skirt in NEON PINK!!!!! LovVEEEeeee!!!!!

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Once Upon a Time… Photoshoot pics and Outakes : )

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

If you kiss the princess…

…will she wake up?

All the photos from this shoot are MAGICAL…and were taken at an abandoned mansion…

Once Upon a Time… Photoshoot and Outakes

See all the photos from this shoot HERE




1930’s chic…with RARE Vintage Pink Brocade fabric…


*SAMPLE*  One of a Kind PINK Brocade DREAM Wrap Skirt

ONLY skirt like this!   HERE



Even princesses can be ROCKERS!

*SAMPLE*  One of a Kind BLACK & WHITE Fringe & Braid ROCKER Dress





Every fairytale has some SPARKLE!

Limited Edition PINK Rhinestone Elephant Ring  …HERE


She evokes…


Fairy PRINCESS dresses…coming



ALWAYS believe

…in yourself <3

Straight from HEAVEN Photoshoot <3

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Like a shooting star………

….YOU glisten in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Straight from HEAVEN Photoshoot

See all the photos from this shoot HERE

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

…we mixed sugary-sweet colors and fabrics with ROCKER-chic to create these heavenly photos!!  LOVEEEEEE how everything came out <3

One of a Kind WEREWOLF Dreamscapes Garter Shorts…listed NOW…HERE


…Look at this stuff…isn’t it neat… <3

Fringe Jackets…soooo much fun and available HERE    COLORFUL Studded Bustier listed as part of the HUGE Sale HERE



Could NOT resist…FRINGE Party Skirt!!!

Never before available for sale…

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Enchanted GARDEN Photoshoot… <3

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011





Enchanted GARDEN Photoshoot… <3

See all the photos from this shoot HERE

The last Unicorn…MAJESTIC

Limited Edition New York Couture FLOWER SKULL Crop Tops ONLY $20  HERE  <—-the perfect gift for you or someone you like : )

…and BRAND NEW High Waist Bow Skirt in GRAFFITI Print <3  HERE


…growing in the garden




Very old-HOLLYWOOD glamour…

Limited Edition CREAM Chiffon Playsuit covered in crystals <3  HERE


…be your own toy…PINK Penguin Jumpers on SALE NOW…OVER 50% off…

…during the HUGE Anniversary Sale …get yours HERE

DEEP, deep, in the bluest waters…iridescent sequin scales shimmer

Mermaids DO exist……..

Clear SPACESUIT Skirt available now as part of the HUGE Anniversary Sale HERE