Electric Daisy Carnival READY!!!

Don’t know what you’re going to wear!@@??? GOT YOU COVERED FOR LIKE EVER!!!!! HUGE Sale is going on NOW….going CRAZY with selling everything!!!!! *NEW* items added EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!  And at any point of the day!!!!!  Always check b/c there’s ALWAYS something AMAZING coming!!! ***** Shop the HUGE Sale HERE ***** p>FINALLY you can get […]

Make a WISH on a Dandelion <3

Places for dreamsThis shoot was just MAGICAL!!! <3 Vintage garden…where you escapeThe past few months have just been INSANE…had my DREAM wedding…CANNOT wait to share all the photos and videos with all of you (so keep a look out!!!) ! : ) But BACK IN ACTION with SOOOOO much FUN coming!!!All the photos from this […]

Bright Polka Dots Photoshoot <3

ADORED working with Maddy Lucas for this shoot!!! The pics came out AMAZING!!! All the photos from the Bright Polka Dots Photoshoot HERE Suchhhhhhhhhhhhhh a cute shoot!!!  MOTO KAWAII <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Everything was Japanimation inspired…fun colors…fun fabrics…CUTE animals!!! And LOTS of BRIGHT Polka Dots! You will LOVEEE!!! SPIKE Leather BraceletOnly available during […]