*NEW COLLECTION* …hold onto my hand and we’ll float away Photoshoot

I had the FUNNEST time doing this shoot with my best friend <3!!!  We go on these magical fun-filled adventures together…and this one was INCREDIBLE!!!Photos from the *newest* collection…hold onto my hand and we’ll float away…PhotoshootAll the photos from this shoot HEREMy FAVORITEEEEE pictures from the WHOLEEE shoot!!!*****BRAND NEW******Limited Edition* Vintage Print Amour LOVE DressHand […]


Punk ROCK Pretty Photoshoot by the INCREDIBLY talented and AMAZING Presley Ann!!! COULD NOT contain myself with these photos!!!  Shot in GORGEOUS Brooklyn!!!  Grunge at its PRETTIEST!!! The streets are beautiful …and so are you <3 ALL the photos from this shoot HERE Shot on the AMAZING Streets of Brooklyn!  <3DYINGGGG over this!!!  The COLORS […]

Electric Daisy Carnival READY!!!

Don’t know what you’re going to wear!@@??? GOT YOU COVERED FOR LIKE EVER!!!!! HUGE Sale is going on NOW….going CRAZY with selling everything!!!!! *NEW* items added EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!  And at any point of the day!!!!!  Always check b/c there’s ALWAYS something AMAZING coming!!! ***** Shop the HUGE Sale HERE ***** p>FINALLY you can get […]

Make a WISH on a Dandelion <3

Places for dreamsThis shoot was just MAGICAL!!! <3 Vintage garden…where you escapeThe past few months have just been INSANE…had my DREAM wedding…CANNOT wait to share all the photos and videos with all of you (so keep a look out!!!) ! : ) But BACK IN ACTION with SOOOOO much FUN coming!!!All the photos from this […]