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BACKSTAGE at the Sunshine Pizza Party Photoshoot

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

Had SUCHHHH an AMAZING time doing this shoot!!!

My BEAUTIFUL STUNNING friend Olga as the model…the makeup by Ashley was just STUNNING x 100 (she’s a WOWZERS to me and sooooooo sweet and FUN!!! to play dress up with!!) …and the amazingggllyyy talented wonderful photographer Demetri <—- you’re all going to DIE when you see these!!!!  Coming soon ; )

For now ENJOY sooooo much the BACKSTAGE photos from the Sunshine Pizza Party Photoshoot


flowers, wallpaper, and pink imageflowers, rose, and red image

We found this art by accident…went to shoot by the BEAUTIFUL mums covering the front of this store and found these artwork gems on the side!!!!

LUCK!  <3

And HOW CUTE does she look!!@@?  : )

quote imagedisney and minnie image

SOOOOOO excited to say after being SOLD OUT for months…the

*Limited Edition* JUICY Ombre Pink Mouth-watering WATERMELON Dress are


Not too many left so GET YOURS here

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And THIS amazing-ness JUST added!!!


AND this dress too!!!  …HUGE SALE

LOVEEEEE everythinggg about this MAGICAL photo!!!!

Sooooo Pretty x!!@@#

Get the ADORABLE One of a Kind Vintage Owl Necklace from this shoot NOW

…for SALE during the HUGE Anniversary Sale NOW


This just drives me crazy!!!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

art, flowers, and beautiful imageflowers, girl, and beautiful image

We seriousllyyyyy had SUCH a FUN time!!!!!

…here pretending to make that normal payphone phone call

Just BEEP ME!  143 <3

butterfly imageart, flowers, and painting image

These Mums are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

And these photos make me want to cry they’re sooooo pretty!!!!

She’s like a Barbie dream ice-cream sandwich <3

This shoot was sooooo MAGICAL too!!!  With my LOVE Nofar!!!!! LOVEEEE you BOOB!!!

And to celebrate all that’s fairies and pixies…

Get the *Limited Edition* Rhinestone TIGER Romper for OVER 75% OFF* HERE

*because the HUGE Anniversary SALE is THAT AWESOME!!!

Soooo frickin awesome!!!


flowers, dress, and art imagegalaxy, paint, and magic image
banana, purple, and aesthetic imagesummer, sea, and surf image

Are you just dyingggg over these colors!!!!!!!

Again the real photos from this set are INSANE!!!!!!!!

BOSSES doing makeup in the car!!!


Total glam ruler of the universe Ashley!!!

All I have to say is ROARRRRR!!!!

…she just looks beyonddd gorgeous!!!

This dress was sooooo much fun to make…all the trimming is FUN vintage RARE-ness’s!!!!

SUCHHH an incredible piece!  Coming soon : )

tiger, flowers, and art imagetiger, animal, and wild image


…all is normal

…and then I notice



So my superrrr mature self had to take a pic of this amazingly accurate art

Short D big balls <3

Loving this lol


So found these GEMS and had to share with you!!!! 

There were SOOO many more!!!! 

When they got caught cheating…what happened…sooo good!!!

cheater 8cheater 6

And after penis party…headed into the Laundromat for some fun

The people inside basically thought we were insane.

…which would be a true statement!  lol

Ashley’s idea for a cart ride!!!


Tiger ROAR!!!!

food, tiger, and art imagewatermelon, tiger, and lion image

We had more to shoot but had so much FUN the day got away…so PIZZA PARTY was our last look for the day

…can’t stand how AMAZING these came out!!!!

The real ones are SERIOUSLY TO DIE FOR!!!

So keep a lookout b/c they’re coming soon and MORE backstage FUN-NESS’s from MORE shoots!!!

pizza, dog, and pug imagefood, wallpaper, and ice cream image

HAVE FUN looking at all these pretties and Have FUN Shopping the HUGE Anniversary Sale!!!


BACKSTAGE at our Bright Lights Pretty Girl Arcade Photoshoot

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Had sooo much fun stealth-mode doing this photoshoot!

We’re clearly not incognito…but somehow did not get kicked out lol

WAIT TIL you see the actual photos from this shoot…IN LOVEEEEEE!!!! …real photos from this shoot coming next week : )

For now…enjoy these:  BACKSTAGE at our Bright Lights Pretty Girl Arcade Photoshoot

ZOMBIES AND MORE | via Tumblr Colour Smoke Bombs

Cupcake CUTENESS!!!

…”might” be coming out during our HUGE Anniversary Sale starting THIS Tuesday November 18th !!!!!


TumblrJelly by ~OanaRayne

 Polka Dot Tulle…RHINESTONES…and Studs

…you already know you’re going to LOVEEE!


 INSANELY awesome SKELETON Rings!!!

Shown in THIS shoot

Get yours here…HERE

 She really is just the CUTEST thing even in a Lolita-y Gothic-esque Dress

Model: Hannah <3

 Winter Wonderland look


 Super crystal-y

**** <3 ****


 Legs for DAYS!!!

Aquarium Dress looks AMAZING on her!!!  Sooo much fun-ness!


Get the RARE!!! necklace shown in this shoot

INCREDIBLY amazinggggg VINTAGE Lion Necklace

3 chains of killer!


 Beautiful girl!

 I promised Demtri (our insanely awesome photographer) I wouldn’t put up any embarrassing photos lol…

opps…maybe? lol.


LOVEEDDDD this look!

Very French Parisian feel to it…

ohhh la la <3


There are SOOO many Looks AND Accessories from this shoot that you’re going to be able to get your hands on for up to 75% OFF during our HUGE Anniversary SALE!!!

Start getting ready!!!

If it’s after 11.18.2014 go here and GET YOUR GOODIES before they’re gone! : )  HERE

My FAVORITE LOOK of the day!!!



This dress coming to the webstore…possibly next week : )

…and the photos from the shoot are SOOO COOL including one in the GIANT CLAW MACHINE!!!  <OMG-ness!!

always wear your invisible crown

COTTON CANDY RIOT Field Photoshoot

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

<3 Some days just come out in a shoot like a DREAM <3  ...this day was one of them! Got to shoot for my very first time with AMAZING Photographer Demetri Parides

He shot EVERYTHING in FILM…which is INCREDIBLE and SOOOOO RARE!!!  DIED/DYING over these!!!

All the photos from this shoot HERE


Sprinkle over to my dream…

Doesn’t she look like Vanessa Hudgens!!!  I LOVEEE this girl!!!!!  She’s SUCH a SWEETIE…also loves Chihuahua’s…and looks AMAZING in EVERYTHING I put her in!!!

BRAND NEW!!!  ALLLL the Bow Skirts have been SOLD OUT…until now!!!  Limited Edition VINTAGE FLORALS Bow Skirt 

She’s also wearing the *NEW* Limited Edition Zebra Bracelet

Get both HERE

Can I call you? <3


A little SWEET FUN with backstage photos! : )

…this is from when I was INSTGRAM-ing these…make sure to FOLLOW New York Couture on Instagram!  …where you can see the shoots AS THEY HAPPEN and other FUN stuff like TBT’s!  and MORE+++

INSTAGRAM:  newyorkcouture

OMG I CAN’T with these!!!  COTTON CANDY lust <3

Rachel looks SOOOOO stunning!!!

CUTEST dress for Prom, Sweet 16, ohhh my!!  Veryyy KAWAII!!!

Space Bound | via Tumblr
Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

*CUSTOM MADE* One of a Kind Sweetest Ever COTTON CANDY Party Dress

…with FUN Shimmery Layers dripping in VINTAGE Lace Trim Icing <3


Fun / Glitter!

Blow out the Sparkles and MAKE A WISH <3...


Vintage Fishies Fishies Fishies Earrings

…get these and MORE One of a Kind FUN Vintage pieces HERE

This is the ONLY Dress like this!!! ONE OF A KIND!!!!!


you can get it HERE

We added a SWEET Petticoat underneath the JUICY  Strawberry Dress to add a *new* look to this already ADORABLE dress!!!

…get yours now HERE

Another Backstage BTS SWEETNESS from our shoot <3


I think one of the best parts of doing what I do is all the AMAZING WONDERFUL people I get to spend time with, meet, and befriend : )…<3


The GARTER SHORTS have also been SOLD OUT in ALL prints until NOW!!!Get these ONE OF A KIND Adorable Mickey Mouse Print High Wasited Garter Shorts



LOVEEE all things flapper-esque!!!  This piece is just STUNNING!!!!!  Vintage 1930’s BIRD Necklace

You WILL NOT be able to find this piece ANYWHERE!

…get yours HERE

 These tops are sooo much fun…can layer…or wear alone for SUPER SEXINESS!!!  Only one like this!!!  ONE OF A KIND Punk Rock R2 D2 Crop Top

…get this EXACT top NOW Here

And the earrings from this shoot…TO DIE FOR!!!  Get the VINTAGE 1980’s Leopard Punk Rock Earrings shown from this shoot


Grab them NOW …HERE

ProfessionellPictures & Photos from Star Wars - IMDb

 I KEEP PROMISING to tell you the dates of the UPCOMING HUGEEEEE Anniversary Sale…PROMISE it’s coming SOON!!!

You know though it’s early-ish in November til late-ish in Decemeber : )


Backstage at the Vintage Florals Cupcakes Power Grid Photoshoot <3

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Pretty and Power <3  Nothing helps celebrate New York City Fashion Week’s start like FLIRTY FUN Fashion! : )

Got to do this SUPER FUN Photoshoot Labor Day Weekend…CANNOT wait to see how these came out!!!  Shot for the FIRST TIME completely in FILM (<—THIS IS SUPER RARE AND EXCITING!!) with AMAZING Photographer Demetri Parides!!!!!

Backstage at the Vintage Florals Cupcakes Power Grid Photoshoot <3

Several NEW pieces that will be coming out AT NEXT WEEKS Riot Fest in Chicago…September 12th-14th!!!

…check out the INSANE lineup HERE

RIOT Fest is just about a WEEK AWAY!!!!!  So START getting ready and have some outfit ideas : ) from our FLORAL FUN mixed with PUNK ROCK Shoot!

^ ^ ^ ABOVE ^ ^ ^

COMING OUT AT Riot Fest!!!  BRAND NEW Vintage Print BOW Skirts

You will LOVE!!!!!

face full o'flowahs Tumblr

A girl ALWAYS needs sweet jewels!!!  I have ALWAYSSS been a HUGE FLAPPER fan…the style of the 20’s with all the ART DECO was just GORGEOUS and i’m in LOVE with it all!!!

Original Vintage FLAPPER Earrings…get yours HERE


PHOTOS: 54 Flowers

This look is so VERY CUPCAKE SWEET!

Dress coming to the webstore as soon as these photos come out! : )

My model, Rachel is just GORGEOUS!!!  A mix between Vanessa Hudgens sweetness and GQ sexiness!


Cakes Pastel Food | via Tumblr

MORE amazinggg VINTAGE!!!

Unicorns are always good luck!  Vintage UNICORN Necklace  …get yours HERE


fresh. | via Tumblr ♡ | via Tumblr

My FAVORITE piece from the NEW Collection!!!  Strawberries are always sooooo sweet <3

Limited Edition SWEET Juicy Strawberry Dress

…get yours HERE


Made our model go from sweet to sexiness!

PUNK ROCK had to come out for our upcoming RIOT Fest Pop-Up Shop-ness!!!

You may have been in LOVE with our One of a Kind T-Shirt GARTER Shorts…they have been SOLD OUT!!!

…well until now…just posted to the webstore!    MICKEY MOUSE Garter Shorts <3

…get yours HERE

Tell Me MoreAlívio Imediato

She looks SOOOOO HOT!!!!!  These are the NEW Crop Tops coming out for Riot Fest next week!!!!!

I KNOW you can’t wait to get your hands on these…so just added TWO of this style to the webstore so you don’t have to wait!!!  These are ALL ***ONE OF A KIND*** so there’s going to be soooo many KILLER choices at RIOT!!!

…VINTAGE Star Wars Crop Top and or D.A.R.E. are NOW HERE

Tumblr would you like to swing on a star...?

Get ready to MOSH, SHOP, and PARTYYYYY!!!!!

Karlibra, Told ya I would fuckin do it. Goal  324689563: Be... Follow Me On Tumblr

See you at RIOT FEST!!!!!


BACKSTAGE at our Spring Collection REVEALED Photoshoot!!! <3

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


SPRING is right around the corner and what BETTER way to CELEBRATE than with a dreamy NEWWWWW Collection from New York Couture!!!


Get READY to LUST!!!!!

Collection OFFICIALLY releases NEXT WEEK on Wednesday March 26th…the FIRST week of SPRING!!!

For now enjoy these make you drool BACKSTAGE photos from the STUNNING Spring Shoot!!! <3

Alívio ImediatoTulips
I FELL IN LOVE with our model, Natalia the MOMENT I saw her!!!  STUNNING!!!

She reminded me of an exotic Jennifer Connolly from Labyrinth…which happens to be one of my FAVORITE movies ever!!!

The look we were going for was “effortless spring”!  Chris, our incredible hair stylist, just blew my mind how chic and FABULOUS his creations were!!!  LOVEEEDDDD her adorableee milk maiden braids!!!  <3

Isn’t she STUNNING!!!@@??


A gif of spring! Untitled | via Tumblr
Here’s a sneak peak at the DREAMY pieces for the newest and MOST anticipated collection!!!

I was pregnant and then I had the taco…so it’s been CRAZYYYY being a momma AND a designer…but SOOOOO excited to share everything creative that was brewing inside my wild imagination this whole hiatus away!!!

It has been TOOOOO long since we released a new collection…so START GETTING EXCITED!!!


Springyou are the love of my life | via Tumblr
You will LOVEEEEE this one!!!



Grace was suchhh an AMAZING makeup artist to work with!!! She was FLAWLESS!!!


This dress is sooo much FUN!!!

CANNOT wait to share it with all of you! : ) <3




We used PAPERSELF amazinggg fabulous laser cut eyelashes…you will DIE over these photos!!!

Alívio Imediato | via Tumblr (100 ) Tumblr

You will NOT want to miss the release of these photos and the NEW COLLECTION…March 26th, 2014!!!!! You have been WARNED!!! Start LUSTING NOW!!!



BACKSTAGE at the Romantic <3 smoke bomb filled Photoshoot

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

These photos make me think if flowers exploded in Wonderland…lover of all things Alice : ) …follow the rabbit <3

You were WARNED that this years HUGE Anniversary Sale would be like NO OTHER!!! Unlike ever before…you won’t have to wait to buy the pieces from this shoot!!!! They are available NOW…so click on the links : )

Enjoy the enchantment…

BACKSTAGE at our Romantic Photoshoot <3

This could possibly be the scene when Alice meets the Caterpillar…


These ruffly SWEET Skirts are super dolly and chic! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY…part of the New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale…get yours before they SELL OUT!!! …HERE

those who cry in crystal glasses= n i g h t = | via Tumblr

…very Great Gatsby!

VINTAGE Chic One of a Kind *Sample* High Waist Shorts with a STUDDED Bustier and FUN Vintage Necklaces! <3

My very own Barbie Doll <3

These shorts are TOOOOOO cute!!!

And NEVER before released online for sale…but starting NOW part of the HUGE Anniversary Sale!!

OHHH MAN…they’re ALL One of a Kind…sooo hurry and get a pair!!

High Waist Denim Shorts HERE


Isn’t everyday a day filled with <3 Unicorn Dreams <3

The movie The Last Unicorn has always been one of my favorites!!! If you’re a creative type I feel like you can relate…that there’s just ONE like YOU : )

Not great if you’re a lonely unicorn, but I think if you have originality then take your obscurity and enjoy that you’re, like these clothes, *One of a Kind*!

This was SUCH a FUN piece to make!!! ALL the trimming is vintage from the 50’s-70’s !

And then a modern touch with colorful studs <3

Sooo romantic <3 Sooo dreamy

…and it can be yours now : ) HERE

Come into my garden <3

Dora Barbarićconey island queen | via Tumblr

We got a little bit of carried away-ness with the smoke bombs and ended up burning my headboard lol

It worked like a charm to hold the smoke bombs in place…just didn’t take into consideration the fire/color aspect it would leave behind : )

…ohhh well…looks SOOO cool!

This dress is GOING TO SELL OUT!!!

One of a Kind garden glamour covered in ruffles…I ADORE this dress!!!

HUGE Sale…part of the Sale NOW!!! …get it before someone else does now HERE

Look HOW cute it is!!!

DreAmY Hoods!!!

This one has all pastel florals, is One of a Kind…and you’re going to FLIP

…because it TOO is part of the HUGE Sale right NOW!

DON’T miss it!!!!! HERE

au-revoir sweetheart.

She is SOOO gorgeous!! I CANNOT wait to see how the real photos from this shoot came out!!!

Can you even IMAGINE since these are just the backstage ones! AMAZING!! <3 : )

Tornei-me insano | via TumblrWebcam Toy fotos

BACKSTAGE at the POLKA DOT Party Photoshoot <3

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Did this SUPERRR fun shoot in Brooklyn!  Awesome Photographer Maddy Lucas came up with the ADORABLE-ness idea of having the polka dot backgrounds and I made all the dresses for this shoot custom : )  <3

Sooooo excited how they came out!!!!  For now you get to have fun seeing…

BACKSTAGE at the POLKA DOT Party Photoshoot  <3

hi, i'm sara :).



Polka Dots

LOVEDDDD adding bits of FUN vintage to each outfit!!!  Like on the above look…this AMAZINGGGG  1960’S VINTAGE Layer Chain Necklace

…snag this RARE piece HERE

I keep getting emails and messages sayings everyone is Dyinggggg for NEW Party Dresses!!!! 

LOTSSSS of amazing *new* pieces coming…but I know most of you can’t wait…so before the photos from this shoot even come out…we’re releasing THIS Fabuloussss dress for sale!!!

…JUST added to the SHOP…get yours HERE QUICK!!!!  : )

Superrr Kawaii


Next look was very glam mod bride!!!! 

Going to be coming out with a WHOLEEEE Wedding look section…CAN’T WAIT for this!!! 

I have alwayysss loveedddd weddings, the love, the tradition, and CANNOT wait to share in suchhhh a special day!!!  Custom and created pieces that are unique and ONE OF A KIND for the most fabulous brides!!!!



; )

Happily Ever After Starts Here

LOVEDDD this look with the 1930’s vintage hat and coral gloves!!!


This look was very Lady Gaga -esque : )

Plush toy PARTYYY!!!!! Skirt

…I want candyyyyyyyyyyy

do do do do do

I can’t with how cute these guys are!!!


Barbie ATTITUDE!!!


bitch | Tumblrf-a-m-o-u-s biiiiiiitches ✝

My FAVORITE dress from making everything for this shoot!!!

Kitty Cat MEOWWWW Party Bustier Dress

…made with ALL vintage trims!!!  Sooo chic!!!  Sooo fun!!!



…told you AWESOME dresses are coming SOON for sale!!

: )

Expect LOTSSSS of FUN coming from New York Couture!!!!!  LOTSSSSS!!!


BACKSTAGE at the OLD HOLLYWOOD Glamour Style Photoshoot AND When to find us on WARPED TOUR 2013 !!!!! <3

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

I adore everything VINTAGE!!  The older the better! There’s something special about clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture that come from another time…has stories to tell… <3

Took Vintage Chic and had it collide into something BEAUTIFUL for this shoot!!  Check out all the BACKSTAGE pics for yourself : )

BACKSTAGE at the OLD HOLLYWOOD Glamour Style Photoshoot

…and coming ASAP…blog about what to expect from New York Couture at WARPED TOUR 2013!!!!  Sooooooooooooo exciting!!  …for now…when to find us!!! …we will be at the July 13th Warped Tour date in Uniondale, NY  <—CANNOT miss this!!


The FABULOUS and AMAZING Sinem & Toni doing their makeup/hair magic!!!

This model is STUNNING!!  LOVEEEEEDD her!!!!  Reminded me of a prettier and younger Stella McCartney!


The clothes and backgrounds all had FLORAL LOVE themes <3

I think this dress is TO DIE FOR!!!!!  Will be available in the webstore soon : )

…you can snag the accessories now!!

BAUBLESSSS baubles BAUBLES and more!!  HERE


 Next look we went with even MORE GLAM!!!  FRESH bright colors for eyes, lips, cheeks…and FAIRYTALE Fishtail braids galore!!!!



…it’s like MAGIC!!!!!

WE MAKE Our Own Fairytales <3


UGHHHHHHHHH can’t even deal with how cute everything came out!!!!

Toni adding last details to an AMAZING look!!


CHIC studded cincher LOVE <3

…can’t get enough of STUDS!!!


Her profile!!! <3

….and the FABULOUS Marisa taking her MAGICAL pictures!!

 …VINTAGE earrings from a PERFECT vintage shoot!!!  …EXACT earrings for sale NOW!!

…get yours  HERE



…can I just stay here forever


BACKSTAGE at the Ring Around the Rosie PLAYGROUND Photoshoot <3

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Different is Beautiful <3

…I remember as far back as elementary school…I was always “different” than everyone else. My style was”different”. It wasn’t until high school that I didn’t care what other people that and just became ME. If you’re different…know YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL <3

Sooo incredibly proud of this collection!! …was sooooo much fun to create and sooooo much fun to shoot!!!

BACKSTAGE at the Ring Around the Rosie PLAYGROUND Photoshoot <3


Erika glams up Nofar

…shiny pixie look with FIERCE eyebrows!!!



In LOVEEE with the Measuring Tape Leggings …get yours HERE

Tumblr_m9l7tgo7nx1rd3zxxo1_500_large Tumblr_lvzt1eawcw1qbj1omo1_500_large


We play on playground

…kids at heart

………..always and FOREVER <3

Tune OUT Tune IN

Limited Edition TV Tank Top ONLY $35 !!! HERE

Bubblegum pancakes…..mmmmmm….they sound tasty!!

The PIANO Crop Top is soooooo frickin’ CUTE!! Wear with a tank top underneath, or with a high waist skirt and knee high socks…..soooooooo much FUN!




The VEGAS Sequin Shorts were SOLD OUT…up until these suckerssssssssss came out!!

Limited Edition in CLOUD WHITE High Waist Shorts

…get yours HERE

This looks like heaven

…marshmallow clouds <3



Seasons change

And so do we <3

SPRING starts THIS month and we CANNOT wait!!!

SUCH a happppppy season!!! Walks, and beaches, and birds chirping…LOVELY!!

…backstage makeup change

…WILDDDDDDDD MAKEUP time!!! …and Nofar plays with my little man (who I think is just the CUTEST thing EVERRRRRRRR born!!)

JUMP into the ocean

……get ready for the WAVES and currents!!




The Ocean inspired this dress…sea-life…shimmer…nature’s ombre turquoise to green <3



Monkeying around on the jungle gym!!

It was sooooooooooo cold out!

Poor Nofar was dressed like it is summer and we’re all in winter coats…she’s BADASS!!!


…sooooooo in LOVEEEEEEE how these came out!!

…soooooo MAGICAL!!

Other Bustier PARTY Style Dresses HERE (or email us to create a CUSTOM Dress like this for you:

Tumblr_mie6debrgy1rfe8pmo1_500_large Tumblr_lzale7gayp1rof8u8o1_500_large

I don’t know what it is….but THIS piece makes me the MOST happy!!!


…it OPENS and CLOSES!!! SUPERRR cute and makes me SMILE!!

…get yours HERE


Inside the FRIG DRESS: Cola, Eggs, Milk…mmmmmmmMMMMM

FYI this is the COOLEST playground EVER!!! With the BESTTTTTT colors EVER!!!!

Hi I need to be a kid again so I can play on this!!!!


Write me a note…


Went to playground 3 or 4 to shoot this look…it had security and we almost were not allowed to shoot there…so I sweet talked them and YAY we got to stay!!!

…BEYOND cute….get yours HERE

30227262_large Tumblr_m1tr39kdp31r309lyo1_500_large


Triple “S” threat!! <3


Last look to go with our FUN schoolyard exploration…

…it was starting to get dark…as you can see

…but we MADE IT!!


…made with RARE VINTAGE fabric with hints of shiny stretchy black <3

…get yours HERE

What’s a New York Couture shoot without FUN!!@?? …well it’s NOT one of our shoots then!!


Hope you have as much FUN with this collection as we had making it…shooting it…and now sharing it with all of you!!



MOTO KAWAII!!! Tokyo Street Style Photoshoot!!! <3

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

LOTS of FUN alwaysssssssssss going on at New York Couture!!!!

As you already MUST know…unless you live under a rock…which MUST SUCK!!!  …the New York Couture HUGE Anniversary Sale is going on NOW NOW NOW!!!

…items 75% offeverything $5 and up!!  INSANITY!!!

And if that wasn’t enough to be EXCITED for…OUR BIRTHDAY is THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!  December 15th we turn 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!

…to celebrate this MOMENTOUS occasion for the FIRST TIME EVER we will be releasing our NEWEST Collection…that you will LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

AND it starts the MADNESS of KILLER items during the Sale…so GET READY!!!!!

THIS SATURDAY the *newwwwwwwwww* collection comes out!!!!  AND start of sale ending soon madnesssss!!!!!



NOW for the FUN Tokyo Street Style Photoshoot pics!!!  See ALL the suppperr cute photos from this shoot HERE

Shot in Montreal Canada…SOOOooooOOooo much fun and COLORS

…which we LOVE!!!

AMAZING styling by our lovely best friend Elodie <3


NEVER BEFORE SEEN *Snake* Dress available NOW for our HUGE Anniversary celebration HERE

…get yours now!! *NEW COLOR* new color *NEW COLOR* !  <3


…two things we LOVEEE



POW!!!!!!!!!!!!  <3


SMOKE BOMBS are alwayssssssssssssssss FUN!!


EYE loveeeeeeeee this!!  <3

: )

…get your Limited Edition LACEY Shorts ONLY available NOW during our HUGE Anniversary HERE


Pretty sweet donut eater!!

…we want hair that cute!!

AND a gummybear ring!!!!  : )


POP em’ bitches!  lol


LOVEEEEEEEEEEEeeee how Elo layered our Jumper with this cuteeee outfit!!




loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her <3





…sooooooooooooo LOVEE the snakes…slitherrrrrrrrrr

Snakes back NOW