COTTON CANDY RIOT Field Photoshoot

October 15th, 2014


Some days just come out in a shoot like a DREAM <3  ...this day was one of them!

Got to shoot for my very first time with AMAZING Photographer Demetri Parides

He shot EVERYTHING in FILM…which is INCREDIBLE and SOOOOO RARE!!!  DIED/DYING over these!!!

All the photos from this shoot HERE


Sprinkle over to my dream…

Doesn’t she look like Vanessa Hudgens!!!  I LOVEEE this girl!!!!!  She’s SUCH a SWEETIE…also loves Chihuahua’s…and looks AMAZING in EVERYTHING I put her in!!!

BRAND NEW!!!  ALLLL the Bow Skirts have been SOLD OUT…until now!!!  Limited Edition VINTAGE FLORALS Bow Skirt 

She’s also wearing the *NEW* Limited Edition Zebra Bracelet

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Can I call you? <3


A little SWEET FUN with backstage photos! : )

…this is from when I was INSTGRAM-ing these…make sure to FOLLOW New York Couture on Instagram!  …where you can see the shoots AS THEY HAPPEN and other FUN stuff like TBT’s!  and MORE+++

INSTAGRAM:  newyorkcouture

OMG I CAN’T with these!!!  COTTON CANDY lust <3

Rachel looks SOOOOO stunning!!!

CUTEST dress for Prom, Sweet 16, ohhh my!!  Veryyy KAWAII!!!

Space Bound | via Tumblr
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*CUSTOM MADE* One of a Kind Sweetest Ever COTTON CANDY Party Dress

…with FUN Shimmery Layers dripping in VINTAGE Lace Trim Icing <3


Fun / Glitter!

Blow out the Sparkles and MAKE A WISH <3...


Vintage Fishies Fishies Fishies Earrings

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This is the ONLY Dress like this!!! ONE OF A KIND!!!!!


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We added a SWEET Petticoat underneath the JUICY  Strawberry Dress to add a *new* look to this already ADORABLE dress!!!

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Another Backstage BTS SWEETNESS from our shoot <3


I think one of the best parts of doing what I do is all the AMAZING WONDERFUL people I get to spend time with, meet, and befriend : )…<3


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LOVEEE all things flapper-esque!!!  This piece is just STUNNING!!!!!  Vintage 1930′s BIRD Necklace

You WILL NOT be able to find this piece ANYWHERE!

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 These tops are sooo much fun…can layer…or wear alone for SUPER SEXINESS!!!  Only one like this!!!  ONE OF A KIND Punk Rock R2 D2 Crop Top

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And the earrings from this shoot…TO DIE FOR!!!  Get the VINTAGE 1980′s Leopard Punk Rock Earrings shown from this shoot


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ProfessionellPictures & Photos from Star Wars - IMDb

 I KEEP PROMISING to tell you the dates of the UPCOMING HUGEEEEE Anniversary Sale…PROMISE it’s coming SOON!!!

You know though it’s early-ish in November til late-ish in Decemeber : )


Rebelicious Magazine Feature, and Lola Blanc in New York Couture <3

October 5th, 2014

It’s been sooo CRAZY in NYC-land…I totally forgot to post all sorts of AMAZING-ness’S!!!

The FABULOUS model Alexa Nicole looking ABSOLUTELY INSANE in New York Couture for Rebelicious Magazine

There’s nothing I love more than NEON!!!  : )  <3

You can view the WHOLE issue for FREE by going to their online print issue HERE

…and have a shoot with her coming soon…you will NOT want to miss this!!!


AND recording artist Lola Blanc

…she is sooooo ADORABLE and sooooo talented!!!!!  Check her music out on her website HERE

Wearing New York Couture’s IRIDESCENT Creamsicle Sequin High Waisted STARGAZER Shorts

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Sooooo many FUN filled photoshoots coming…you will LOVE!!!

And VERYYY soon the announcement with the HUGE Anniversary Sale dates!!! <---START GETTING READY...this sale will be EPIC!!!


Riot Fest Recap

September 28th, 2014

There’s NOTHING quite like partying with 100,000 PUNK ROCK FANS!!!

It rained like crazy the first day…but it DID NOT stop people from coming out!!!  Festival was PACKED even with the FREEZZZZZINGGG rain!!!  That’s DEDICATION!!!  Punk Rock Dedication!!!

We SOLD OUT of seriously almost everything!!!!  If you came you got KILLERRR pieces and could not have been HAPPIER with the fierce, sexy, hot, amazing people that snagged everything!!!  Proud to have all of you wear my clothes!!!

There are sooo many highlights from the show!!! Check out some of the INSANE performances below!

Die Antoowrd

The Flaming Lips

The Cure

Backstage at the Vintage Florals Cupcakes Power Grid Photoshoot <3

September 4th, 2014

Pretty and Power <3  Nothing helps celebrate New York City Fashion Week’s start like FLIRTY FUN Fashion! : )

Got to do this SUPER FUN Photoshoot Labor Day Weekend…CANNOT wait to see how these came out!!!  Shot for the FIRST TIME completely in FILM (<—THIS IS SUPER RARE AND EXCITING!!) with AMAZING Photographer Demetri Parides!!!!!

Backstage at the Vintage Florals Cupcakes Power Grid Photoshoot <3

Several NEW pieces that will be coming out AT NEXT WEEKS Riot Fest in Chicago…September 12th-14th!!!

…check out the INSANE lineup HERE

RIOT Fest is just about a WEEK AWAY!!!!!  So START getting ready and have some outfit ideas : ) from our FLORAL FUN mixed with PUNK ROCK Shoot!

^ ^ ^ ABOVE ^ ^ ^

COMING OUT AT Riot Fest!!!  BRAND NEW Vintage Print BOW Skirts

You will LOVE!!!!!

face full o'flowahs Tumblr

A girl ALWAYS needs sweet jewels!!!  I have ALWAYSSS been a HUGE FLAPPER fan…the style of the 20′s with all the ART DECO was just GORGEOUS and i’m in LOVE with it all!!!

Original Vintage FLAPPER Earrings…get yours HERE


PHOTOS: 54 Flowers

This look is so VERY CUPCAKE SWEET!

Dress coming to the webstore as soon as these photos come out! : )

My model, Rachel is just GORGEOUS!!!  A mix between Vanessa Hudgens sweetness and GQ sexiness!


Cakes Pastel Food | via Tumblr

MORE amazinggg VINTAGE!!!

Unicorns are always good luck!  Vintage UNICORN Necklace  …get yours HERE


fresh. | via Tumblr ♡ | via Tumblr

My FAVORITE piece from the NEW Collection!!!  Strawberries are always sooooo sweet <3

Limited Edition SWEET Juicy Strawberry Dress

…get yours HERE


Made our model go from sweet to sexiness!

PUNK ROCK had to come out for our upcoming RIOT Fest Pop-Up Shop-ness!!!

You may have been in LOVE with our One of a Kind T-Shirt GARTER Shorts…they have been SOLD OUT!!!

…well until now…just posted to the webstore!    MICKEY MOUSE Garter Shorts <3

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Tell Me MoreAlívio Imediato

She looks SOOOOO HOT!!!!!  These are the NEW Crop Tops coming out for Riot Fest next week!!!!!

I KNOW you can’t wait to get your hands on these…so just added TWO of this style to the webstore so you don’t have to wait!!!  These are ALL ***ONE OF A KIND*** so there’s going to be soooo many KILLER choices at RIOT!!!

…VINTAGE Star Wars Crop Top and or D.A.R.E. are NOW HERE

Tumblr would you like to swing on a star...?

Get ready to MOSH, SHOP, and PARTYYYYY!!!!!

Karlibra, Told ya I would fuckin do it. Goal  324689563: Be... Follow Me On Tumblr

See you at RIOT FEST!!!!!


RIOT FEST!!! CHICAGO…in 3 weeks!!!

August 19th, 2014


RIOT FEST Chicago 2014 is coming up!!!!!  Just over 3 weeks away from honestly the COOLEST show with the BEST lineup of the YEAR!!!!!  Riot Fest Official WEBSITE

If you’re going you’re in for SOOOOO many SPECIAL AMAZING treats!!!  If you’re just finding out about it…GO GO GO!!!  My airfare was only $200 so even MORE reasons for me to be there!!!

New York Couture will be there with an INCREDIBLE Pop-Up Shop FILLED with sooo much I CANNOT WAIT to share with all of you!!!  Upcoming blog posts will have sneak peaks at the BRAND NEW never before seen Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and MORE that will be released ONLY AT RIOT FEST!!

Start getting EXCITED!!!

The 2 bands I’m MOST EXCITED to see are #1 !!!!! The Cure!!!!!  Our whole wedding was basically THEIR musically <3  Will be amazinggg to see them in person!  Dreamy : )

the cure

Die Antwoord !!!  This combo is INSANE!!!  LOVEEE their look!!!  LOVEEE their sound!!!  Sooooo excited to see them!

die antwoord

Honestly there are TOO MANY bands to even list!!!

Check out the INSANE-NESS yourself!!!

MORE Blogs coming with updates on RIOT FEST and info on the ever approaching HUGE Anniversary Sale including SALE dates!!!!…so keep a look out : )


TOMORROW Sunday July 6th Come SHOP New York Couture at WARPED TOUR NJ

July 5th, 2014


OUR FIRST TIME in YEARSSSS at the NJ show!!!!  YAY!!!

Date:  Sunday July 6th, 2014
at PNC Bank Arts Center
in Holmdel, NJ

SHOP the NEWEST pieces, BRAND NEW samples, HUGEEEE SALEEEE items at up to 80% OFF!!!! 

Clothing starting at FIVE DOLLARS!!! ANDDDD we will have a $20 SALE bin with TONSSSS of amazingggg pieces, for example $120 dresses and jumpers JUST $20 !!!

See you TOMORROW!!! 



Make a WISH on a Dandelion <3

July 3rd, 2014

Roses... *-**-*

Places for dreams

This shoot was just MAGICAL!!! <3 Vintage garden…where you escape

The past few months have just been INSANE…had my DREAM wedding…CANNOT wait to share all the photos and videos with all of you (so keep a look out!!!) ! : )

But BACK IN ACTION with SOOOOO much FUN coming!!!

All the photos from this shoot HERE

The Butterflies Garden

This STUNNING Vintage Lace detailed Skirt for sale NOW HERE

It’s ONE OF A KIND…so grab it before someone else! : )

Vintage Fairy Princess Chic <3

VINTAGE everything! …

I LOVE it all!!! This Watch Necklace…ADORABLE!~

…get it HERE
Instaglam | ВКонтакте

One of my MOST FAVORITE Dresses!!! <3

COVERED in VINTAGE Trimmings…that no one can EVER find again!!!!


Fields | via Tumblr


Adorn yourself <3

Limited Edition SKULL Bracelet HERE


ALL the SUPER FUN Lipsticks in this shoot are Lime Crime (we LOVEEEE there FUN colors!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3



…and in the garden

…make a WISH on a Dandelion <3

The NEXT BLOG post will be about Warped Tour….but wanted to give everyone a heads up!!!

Come see and SHOP New York Couture IN PERSON at the COOLEST events!!! :


THIS SUNDAY July 6th at PNC Bank Center in Holmdel, NJ


AND NEXT WEEK Saturday July 12th at Jones Beach Amphitheater in Wantagh, NY

RIOT Fest- in Chicago September 12th-14th!!! <—-AMAZING!!!! CANNOT wait to see The Cure!!!!! <3


YRB Magazine Event Recap: MEAT MRKT Rooftop Popup SHOP

May 8th, 2014

MEAT MRKT Rooftop Popup SHOP

FINALLY an event recap for last months Meat MRKT rooftop party. It was INSANE!!! And if you made it out then you know i’m not lying! In JUST 3 hours the rooftop reached capacity with OVER 700 people partying!! So we got shutdown! lol…typical!
If you came you got to see a rare art gallery curated by Wu-Tang Hybrid Arts initiative….got to shop the COOLEST NYC brands, including New York Couture of course!, and sampled handmade Vodka and beer via their hip and rare tasting. Sooo much fun-ness!!!

YRB Magazine full recap HERE

Next official events to SHOP New York Couture are July 6th and 12th: NJ and NY WARPED TOUR 2014!!!!!

See you there!!!


New York Couture NEW Collection LIFE IS BUT A DREAM available NOW!!!!!

April 13th, 2014

Spring is officially here!!…and what better way to celebrate than with New York Couture’s LIFE IS BUT A DREAM Collection

ANDDDDDDD a BRAND SPANKIN’ ***NEW*** INTERACTIVE (you heard us right, INTERACTIVE with Facebook “likes” and “shares” and MORE coming!!!) webstore!!!!! Make sure to LIKE everything! <3

SWEET like candy collection!!! And I WANT CANDY!!!!! <3

Fall in love with our PASTEL wish-world

...filled with Sweet Succulent the JUICY Sweet Strawberry Dresses, or walk up and feel the fresh airy wind in the IN a Cloud PICKET FENCE Dress

You don’t have to dream about it anymore. Be whisked away

…to the LIFE IS BUT A DREAM Collection

View the full collection HERE

fresh. | via Tumblr


UntitledLove Interruption  ❤ | via Tumblr

…get your STRAWBERRY Dress HERE

TumblrAlívio Imediato | via Tumblr

Danielle Rocks photos are AMAZINGGGGGG!!! These photos are BREATHETAKING!!!!!

I am without words to how much she has BLOWN ME AWAY!!!

IN A Cloud Picket Fence Dress

PICKET FENCE Dress and MORE for sale now …HERE

Crackled White Picket Fence - myhomeisinheaven, fence, white, paint, peeling, purple, flowers uploaded by peachfizzyStrings of love
我的首頁 新浪微博-隨時隨地分享身邊的新鮮事兒<3

Romantic Bustier PINK Party Dress

young forever - anime girl | Tumblr

Coming SOON to our webstore

…a section for JUST CUSTOM ORDERS!!! So you can create a dress like this Bustier Party Dress in any color/trim/size you would like!!!

For now, email us for custom orders at : )

Dream Ride by ~SexonWheelz
xx | via TumblrColorful Mane

OMG these are SOOOOO AMAZINGGGGG to wear!!! MONSTER Party Tutu Skirts also available as CUSTOM

email for pricing and more info <3

iamstrong's soup

Ombre Pastel MONSTER PARTY Princess Skirt

Tumblr stripped

TONS of sparkly…FUN…*new* jewelry and accessories!!!

EVERYTHING from the shoot…rings, hats, earrings…including RARE FUN! Vintage pieces!

ALL the AMAZING jewelry shown and MORE …get it HERE

Told you it was worth the wait!! ; )

If you cannot live without something and need it NOW…you should get it now! : )

Otherwise you might miss out ; ) …ALL garments shown available now or by custom order HERE: )

Hope you are as splendidly enchanted with all the new designs!!!!! <3


Dream On | via Tumblr. | via Tumblr


TIME OUT NY Top Pick TOMORROW Meat Mrkt Event | SUNDAY The ***NEW*** Collection comes out !!!!! AMAZING WEEKEND

April 11th, 2014


The official countdown has BEGUN…


4.13.2014   Sunday April 13TH   4.13.2014

START getting ready…it’s THAT GOOD!!!!!


WHAT TO DO TOMORROW Saturday April 12th

MEAT MRKT is an integrated pop-up series with a focus on art, fashion, music and creative expression through the urban lens. Hosted on a 7,000 square-foot rooftop venue in Brooklyn, our 2014 launch party will feature:

When: Saturday, April 12th | 12PM to 6PM
Where: Office Opps | 57 Thames St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Free Entry All Day

What Time Out New York says about TOMORROW’S MEAT MRKT event:

The quarterly pop-up event series gathers Brooklyn artists, musicians and fashion labels for a rooftop party. Catch live painting by the We Are Raw Process (WARP) collective, and club- and electro-focused DJ sets from Phi Unit and Haruka Salt. Browse streetwear brands like New York Couture, Mishka, Ambig and Claw Money, and artwork curated by Wu-Tang Clan’s Oliver “Power” Grant and Wallplay Art Gallery founder Laura O’Reilly. Plus, get an afternoon buzz going when you sample ten locally brewed craft beers for $7, including Rockaway Black Gold Stout, Bronx Pale Ale, Sixpoint Diesel and Alphabet City Brewing Company’s Alpha Male IPA.



SUCHHHHHHHHH a COOOOOLLL SPOT for a parrtttyyyy Pop-Up Event!!!!!